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Fight. Lead. Die.

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Stoneshard is a turn-based RPG that presents classic roguelike gameplay in a new way, welcoming for both newcomers and veterans alike.

You start out as an ordinary mercenary. Mighty forces have clashed over your once prosperous homeland, now ravaged by war, feud and famine. The Grand Magistrate is about to fall, when mysterious stranger makes you an offer you can’t refuse. Travel across the lands as a leader of the Caravan of Companions, as you gather followers for your cause. Along your path not only will you face hundreds of enemies, but also struggle with hunger, fear and pain - as well as internal conflicts within your company.

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- Additional adjustments to damage coefficients of different weapon types.
- Added a closing dialogue with Osbrook carpenter after finishing “Fate of the Brewery” quest.
- Osbrook smith now sells caltrops and clawtraps.
- Increased the base price of several pelts.
- Decreased enemy spawns in dungeons.
- Birds now always fly away after receiving damage.
- Additionally receiving already existing effect now works correctly.
- Fixed the crash caused by looting some secret room containers.
- Fixed some bird species spawning in the wrong biomes.
- Fixed block power replenishment working incorrectly in “Raise Shield” ability.
- Fixed "Stay Back!" passive ability still having its old pre-CoG mechanic alongside with the new one.
- Improved optimisation.
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