World of Speed

World of Speed

UPDATE 0.4 is here!

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S H U N T E D Aug 28 @ 11:31pm 
Well... This game is dead folks... Sad i can't refund it :D
Yochi the Emolga Jul 13 @ 12:58am 
Блин, разработчики, прошу вас вернуть ВАЗ-2108 в игру (данная машина была в альфа-тестах, а теперь её уже нет). Если вы не вернёте эту советскую машину в игру, то я никогда не буду играть в World of Speed.
Cyman May 28 @ 9:53am 
- Please make the bot drivers stop crashing into real user cars, it is extremly annoying (either full speed from behind, or even from the side which can turn you sideways) - the bots just drive in their lane like idiots
- And with rebuilding additional parts, please don't take 4 parts to create a better one which you most problably already have or can't use. Take at max 3 or even better 2. Or watch out that you can use the new part at least!
- The driving experience could be more dynamic, it feels a little static/robotic - not fluid/powerful
So for so good, you are on the right track! Keep on updating, especially new tracks ;)

...and it would be nice if I could sell cars I don't want ;)

... and one last, but important thing, try to save the user some time whereever possible. For example allow to return to garage right after finishing a race. I know myself that I won and don't need to see it first ;)
Cyman May 28 @ 9:53am 
And since you are currently in open beta, I have a few suggestions (most pain so far):

- After reaching a new level, make the user choose which car he wants. Making it random is just a pain in the a** because you NEED to drive a car you don't like (usually) if you don't buy diamonds - that is just the biggest frustration so far
- If you insist on diamonds, at least make it POSSIBLE to gain them without paying
- On city tracks with lots of sharp corners, it is terribly hard to gain some slipstream points
- On countryside sprint races, the bots are ridiculously fast, while in the city, the are just so slow that you outstrip them in after the 2nd or 3rd round in a row
Cyman May 28 @ 9:53am 
Great game for now and then! It really builds on the very basic concept of the early NFS (nice cars, beautiful landscapes, just drive fast)
SANYA May 23 @ 8:48am 
а почему в испытании мастера задание не передвигается к следующей детали? Она все время стоит на серой детали. И как только ты прошел первое задание, ко второму оно не переходит, а просто пишет : следующее испытание через 22 часа например. И потом снова после обновления , ты выполняешь задание опять на эту первую деталь. Во всех остальных заданиях, пункт передвигается вправо. В задании мастера он просто всегда на первом. Хотя дальше по ветке идет вторая серая, потом 2 синие, потом 2 желтые и т.д. как их пройти???? Или это для вида просто стоит
Ziero May 22 @ 7:04pm 
"Gain X Drift points objectives for FWD cars removed."
-Thank God.

Also, I love this game but have been away due to the optimization issues (poor FPS, laggy network). I will, of course, try it out again. Please keep the updates coming.
vet36rus May 19 @ 2:37pm 
Что-то у вас статистика в личном профиле недоработанна: количество часов в игре, среднее место в рейтинговых играх (показывает одно и то-же с случайными гонками), набранная максимальная скорость. И аватарок мало((( Сделайте что-бы личное фото можно было вставлять. Рейтинговых гонок ждешь по десять минут(((
jonuno May 19 @ 4:21am 
i like physics like old arcade racer. if i want a SIM i wouldnt go for a "World of" game. hard to please everyone :)
tokito_version2.0 May 18 @ 4:32pm 
I have not played for more than 6 months due to the problem of low FPS 10fps in game, I have reinstalled the drivers and reinstalled the windows. My pc is an i5 4460 3.2ghz 12GB ram, 1050Ti 4GB video card.