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Hey friends!

We’re excited to finally announce that our newest VR title, Sweet Surrender, is coming out September 30th!


We also have a brand new trailer for you to check out!


Sweet Surrender is our first fully budgeted game, and after 20 months of development we are really looking forward to releasing it to the public!

Post-Release Plans

The release is super exciting for us, but is also the start of a new development phase. We have gathered a great deal of feedback and wishes from players. This feedback (along with our own ideas) will form the foundation for future (free!) DLCs and updates. We will outline these details very soon in our upcoming roadmap!

Thank You!

Thank you for all your support over the years. We hope you will check out our new game.

We will naturally keep posting our updates on our Twitter, Discord[discord.gg] and Steam page!
In the meantime, remember to add Sweet Surrender to your wishlist, it’s a huge help for us.

Salmi Games
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