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Beat Saber v1.1.0p1 released

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Matt G (Loinmin) 47 minutes ago 

click "console" tab on Steam
copy & paste into text input

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this is the game files from 2 months ago before they ruined the index saber angles, please revert to this one, it's way more comfortable, I could care less about mods, I just want official proper saber angles again lmao.
ImTiara 6 hours ago 
I will hurt my wrists if i continue to play with the index controllers. Literally unplayable at this point.
Deviouststr Aug 16 @ 8:56am 
Could they instead update it so we can choose our orientation? seems like it'd be better than having to now hold the controllers super weird because hammer grips are no good
Achiel Aug 6 @ 9:56pm 
So this makes the sabers look like they're in a hammer grip using Valve Index Controllers. Which is actually terrible for your wrist's tendons and will cause lasting damage to them.
RJMcReedy Aug 2 @ 1:49pm 
Oh no, the position before was so perfectly done -_________________-
big0nes Jul 25 @ 12:37pm 
I just got myself an Index with the Knuckle controllers today. Previously had been on a WMR system. I have to say the angles are not good for the knuckles. I have to wear them sort of 1/2 on to prevent the need for odd wrist bending. I think the suggestion to allow user configuration of saber angles is a good one. Regardless it seems this patch didn't fix the problem.
masterart2 Jul 25 @ 1:35am 
love it. can you add more dlc song like this: PYLOT - Shadowtask Monstercat EP Release
TikiBob Jul 23 @ 8:11pm 
Holy cow Beat Games, please get Index controllers yourself and try your own grip. You are guessing, and your players are having to mod in fixes.
idefixlittledog Jul 23 @ 12:23am 
I'm having problems with my wrists hurting after 10 minutes of play using my Knuckles. The position was perfectly fine for me before this update. I got used to playing with the Knuckles in the original position quickly and had no problems using them for longer play sessions. They played better than the Vive wands because they are lighter and better balanced. Sadly this new position does not work for me at all.

Please give us the possibility to change it back and ideally have at least one older version available at all times to revert to if one can't play the way one wants with a new update. The Steam Beta feature can be used for this kind of thing. Either releasing new versions as Beta or pushing the old one on a 'Beta' branch.

Beat Saber can be quite addictive and some of us even use it as a regular workout.

Thank you for this incredible game!
Dream Jul 22 @ 3:29pm 
I have over 200 hours logged in this game with the original HTC Vive. It's the only VR game I play - Expert+ on every song, and I've purchased every song released. The work you've done has been incredible.

Today I received my Valve Index and the game is nearly unplayable with the saber angles. Please provide a means to adjust the angles. :steamsad: