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Puzzle With Your Friends

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Patch 1.9.0

Thank you for all your feedback on Puzzle With Your Friends !

In 1.9.0 we have 3 new artworks including one from the Pixel-Artist Gnomenlied

  • 3 new artworks and achievements
  • New sounds for better feedback
  • You will now also receive the versus-achievement on losing
  • The gallery now displays an icon for "in progress"-Puzzles
  • Pieces that are already placed on the puzzle mat won't be shuffled anymore
  • "Are you sure?" window now specifies what it is about (resetting, back to menu,..)
  • Bug-fix: The score at the end of a versus match will always be correct on both players now

If you have any ideas or wishes for the next patch: don't hesitate to contact me or to give feedback via F9 ingame. We also opened a discord! If you want to give us feedback there and get in touch with other players, for example to play a match, you are welcome to join us!


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