while True: learn()

while True: learn()

ML. In Simple Words.

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EncartaCDROMBoxset Feb 16 @ 7:23pm 
Glad to see you'll be addressing the DLL/Custom Nodes issue, I held off buying the game after I read about it. Keep us up to date on the status of that change please.
Coral Feb 14 @ 12:03pm 
"separate storyline about real Machine Learning framework, such as, for example, TensorFlow"
This idea is EPIC!

"stand-alone game about managing programmable startups"
This is great idea too. My first thought when I played with Startups missions in the game was that it would be great if you could expand this feature of the game.
xvii-Dietrich Feb 14 @ 9:15am 
Sorry. Was AFK a few moments, and came back to find the cat typing at the keyboard.



( @gamescodedogs haha... fair enough :)) will try to keep kitteh calm )
gamescodedogs  [developer] Feb 14 @ 12:29am 
@xvii-Dietrich oh common, it's just one promo code for those who love it :) We all are definitely playing with cats only, no dogs :))
SPRÅY Feb 13 @ 7:33pm 
:ss13ok: nice
xvii-Dietrich Feb 13 @ 4:00pm 
Dogs = epic fail.

Definitely lost the plot by going that route.

Kitteh is not amused.

gamescodedogs  [developer] Feb 13 @ 2:38pm 
@Mikkeyboi exactly what we are experimenting with :) Google Collaboratory is the easiest to use "host my jupyter notebook" service, for now, looks very promising in case of our idea. From the other side, there are so many projects about teaching users to program via browser game like CodeCombat, maybe it's too far from our audience and PC gaming culture.
Mikkeyboi Feb 13 @ 2:32pm 
Incorporating frameworks like TensorFlow/PyTorch into the storyline sounds like a brilliant idea.
I think if you want to go with the "additional browser game for Jupyter Notebook", calling users to follow along with Google Colaboratory will be a good idea (access to TPUs for everyone).