Announcing SOS Early Access

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Skeko Jan 23 @ 2:08am 
For anyone wondering, here's SOS's tweet: "SOS Pre-Launch Access for Order of the Relic members begins now! Join us and your favorite Contestants all day on before you return to La Cuna tomorrow at 9am PST!". "At 9am PST" so in 7hours the game will be on Steam.
BELONGPLAY Jan 23 @ 2:02am 
We just opened a russian fan page of @playsosgame by @OutpostGamesInc at VK!

Feel free to join and let grow russian speaking community:

Share your videos, screenshots, gifs, streams and ask questions\give answers to other players!
Relevance Jan 23 @ 1:04am 
Why are you acting like they are going to re-charge you for the game when it is a full realese? $30 is a fair price for a game in this state and of its kind. PUBG was the same price in EA.
Relevance Jan 23 @ 1:02am 
Why can it not be purchased yet.
jonathandubowjr Jan 22 @ 9:24pm 
today/ tom, Aaron
memelord Jan 22 @ 4:48pm 
it should go for 10$
Disconnected ✔ Jan 22 @ 3:51pm 
15$ ok, also 30$ ? wtf
Empatheia Jan 22 @ 3:41pm 
30 dollars is a fair price.
Coatesy Jan 22 @ 10:23am 
What time does this go live in EU anybody know?
[EXƎ]λҲristoMeow尺us Jan 22 @ 4:51am 
We have so little money in Russia. 30$ is a robbery:2016gameingame:. Please make the price below. Especially for СНГ