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Seasonal greetings one and all! Version focuses on a variety of NPC additions and improvements, new sleeping functionality and a stockings-worth of other new features and fixes.

Furthermore, a new area of Eden Nadir has been opened up with the addition of Sen’s watchtower hideout. Saddle up your horse with new storage saddle-bags before you explore the news lands.

Several NPCs have received a facelift as well as the addition of some new friendly folks in the safe zone.

Developer Comment:
It would NOT be advisable to use old saves on this build, pre and to delete old game saves. Use at your own risk of extra bugs and crashes. Make sure to load all saves from DX12 version of the game HOTFIX
  • Fixed weapon HUD elements disappearing after loading a save game.
  • Fixed Steam chat menu pops up over game
  • Fixed not being able to request a recovery for your vehicle from Liam after saving and loading
  • Fixed horse materials not changing on horse style selection
  • Fixed NVGs & Gasmask in front of the camera in first person perspective
  • Added extra pathway down to underpass road, that leads to old house and evacuation zone.
  • Fixed vendor display, used when talking to Ken in the looking for vendor dialogue tree.
  • Adjusted horse turning to reduce sensitivity and also decrease turning ability when moving at speed.
  • Moved cliff from underpass that could cause player to roll a vehicle
  • Moved lamp on Kens desk to left side to stop interfearing with the dialogue HOTFIX
  • Fixed foliage not crumbling or trees falling when harvesting on loaded save games.
  • Fixed speaking to children breaking dialogue
  • improved horse shaders to look more realistic
  • Some lamps around the world will come on if there is heavy cloud cover.
  • Fixed horse saddle bags not saving and loading
  • Created new trace for projectile for improve bullet hit detection
  • Adjusted infected spawns around hanouten and surrounding area
  • Fixed various non-climbable foliage which allowed player to climb. Update Summary
Well we had a week of HOTFIXs and we were all set to release HOTFIX, but thought as we had added so much new functionality while we were fixing and reworking features, we have decided to release this HOTFIX as a complete mini patch. So here are the details for alpha version

Eden Nadir
  • Expanded the map out to the west, opening up Sheriff Sen’s hideout location (a watch tower) and the start of what will be an apartment complex area.

Developers notes:
We are currently working on reintroducing Sheriff Sen back into the game as a quest giver, but this time instead of just being available via the radio. You will also be able to meet him in person in the Backwater Beacon safe zone and his hideout.

Hanouten Safe Zone
  • Reworked Brendon’s (horse trader) barn, ready for more functionality.
  • Fixed raining inside the barn and medical center.
  • Added static horses hitched around the safe zone.

Developers notes:
Brendon’s barn has slightly been reworked, ready to add functionality for horse retrieval and hospitalisation that will be coming in the near future. This will allow the player to pay Brendon to retrieve a lost or downed horse and return it to the barn. If the horse was downed in action you will be required to attend to the horse daily until healed.

  • The bed in the medical centre where the character spawns will now allow you to sleep until morning between the hours of 1900 and 0600.
  • Tactical tents will now allow you to sleep until morning. Hold [F] by default to start sleeping. They also act as a large storage container (tap [F] by default).
  • Removed debug key inputs causing instant bleeding.
  • Fixed various issues associated with loading and saving. This includes issues where the loading system could get stuck causing some game elements things not to initialise properly.
  • Fixed model viewer not showing correctly after loading a save game.
  • Fixed weapon attachments being affected by decals on the ground.
  • Fixed ST-RV arm being affected by decals on the ground.
  • Improved firearm trace to avoid hitting foliage such as leaves and bushes.
  • Fixed ladders on infested ‘nest’ buildings causing the player to get stuck in the climbing animation.
  • Fixed health bar getting in the way of the respawn button on some screen resolutions.

Developers notes:
One of the notable updates for players is the ability to now sleep until morning using the bed you spawn at in the medical center at Hanouten’s Blackwater Beacon safe zone. You can also sleep by placing down a tactical tent that can be crafted, purchased or found in the world.
The night will still take time to pass, although it is sped up by 400% and will take a maximum of 3 minutes to pass the entire night cycle. You can only sleep during the hours of 19.00pm and 6.00am, at the moment we have allowed the player to only sleep until 6.00am passing the night hours and replenishing 100% of your energy and 50% of your wellness. We have plans to expand this and allow players to exit sleep at any time and also set the time they want to sleep till.

UI Improvements
  • Fixed ingame map which would stop working after death or game save load.
  • Fixed weapon HUD not updating when picking up ammo.
  • Updated loadings screen text.

Vehicles and Horses
  • ATV / Quad bike will now show on map and compass.
  • Horse movement has been reworked, the [A] and [D] keys (as well as the directional arrow keys) are used for steering the horse now and the camera can freely be rotated using the mouse without the aid of pressing the [Left Alt] key.
  • The horse walking speed has been removed and the default is now trotting, with tapping [Shift] to canter and holding [Shift] to gallop.
  • Saddle bags can now be added to the horse by holding [F] to access it’s inventory.
  • Train has now been set to use constant MAX speed, to prevent issues with the train stopping or slowing down.

Developers notes:
We decided to rework the horse movement as it never felt right and was always a little awkward to control, we feel the horse is now one of our favourite means of transport around the map. Following community feedback we have created saddle bags for the horse. These can be purchased from traders in three different sizes, small, medium and large. The storage for the horse is slot based like containers in 12, 24 and 36 slot sizes. You will be unable to remove or swap a saddle bag if the bag has items in it. You will need to remove everything before swapping or removing.

NPCs and Traders
  • Speaking to Kenneth will now give you the option to locate characters / traders, selecting a NPC from the dialogue list will move the player camera to their place of work.
  • Improved infected and human NPC’s patrolling logic. They no longer try to move longer distances together causing them to create ‘conga lines’. Instead, they now individually patrol their own local areas.
  • NPCs can no longer exert force on each other when bumping. This could sometimes cause NPCs to quickly bounce off each other and move at high speed.
  • Improved NPCs ability to move past each other without getting stuck.
  • Fixed situation causing infected to lock up if they are trying to scavenge but have no accessible scavenging locations.
  • Fixed navmesh inconsistencies allowing NPCs to get stuck on geometry.
  • Added new animations for Maia around the safe zone construction area.
  • Traders now buy items at a deflated rate.
  • Bruce will now sell at a 30% inflation rate. Other safezone traders will sell at only a 5% inflation rate.
  • Brendan now sells horse tack (a.k.a saddle bags).
  • Fixed runner’s dialogue asking you to speak to Kenneth if you have already spoken to him.
  • Runner will now also explain what service he offers.
  • Traders will now auto restock at midnight everyday.
  • Fixed lootable dead NPCs not holding any loot, but then creating new loot when interacting with them again.
  • Dead enemies will no longer show a loot prompt if they spawned without loot.
  • Fixed Tinned Cow being sold by traders who should only sell equipment.
  • Tentative fix for NPC not spawning in the safe zone after loading a saved game.
  • Armed NPCs are now more accurate
  • Fixed Leilani who could become inaccessible by moving into the shooting range even though it was closed at night.
  • Fixed not being able to trade with Lexi due to a dialogue tree error.
  • Fixed not being able to sell weapons / equipment to a trader that are duplicates of weapons / equipment you have equipped.
  • Fixed players and NPCs being able to climb in the air near houses with burglar alarms.

Developers notes:
The main bulk of NPC updates affects the navigation and activities of NPCs. Since the last update, a number of weaknesses were noticed that could lead to strange behaviour or inactivity. NPC navigation has been improved for all NPCs so they are now able to identify smaller terrain features better. This prevents cases where NPCs could get stuck on low height geometry thinking that it was traversable. There is a tradeoff with regards to the speed at which navigation can be dynamically built. However, improvements to prevent NPCs getting stuck in a loop when navigation is not available have also been made to both counter this and mitigate situations where NPCs freeze up without navigation.
Some tweaks to NPC combat have been made but nothing too major. The changes are mostly orientated around navigation and mercenary accuracy. Future updates will more specifically investigate NPC combat behaviour, especially infected who sometimes struggle to identify targets.

Known issues & outstanding changes
  • Various issues when interacting with a campfire.
  • NVGs can clip with the camera when in first person perspective.
  • NPC’s textures and LODs require updating for performance and visual quality.
  • New startup video to be implemented in near future.
  • New Protagonist character updates, textures and LODs require updating for performance and visual quality.
  • Can sometimes see facemasks when looting and crouching in first person.
  • Inventory does not add extra rows as it gets full causing issues when taking items at full capacity.
  • Torch doesn’t illuminate directly towards the center of the screen making it difficult to examine objects in close spaces.
  • Mouse wheel sometimes stops being responsive in the building menu.
  • Game is missing left-handed support.
  • Various issues with UI text in crafting menus.
  • Discrepancies with save game names.
  • In rare circumstances, the player's weapon may appear invisible or inside the character's head.
  • Swapping an item with a Jerry Can in the fuel slot on the quad causes the other item to be placed in the fuel slot.
  • Lantern doesn’t appear in the player's hand when equipped.
  • Save files do not properly sort by date.
  • Baseball bats cover too much of the screen in First Person perspective.
  • When LED light runs out of battery, it unequips but does not re-enable belt chem-light.
  • NPCs can have ‘black beams’ coming out of their eyes when running the game using FXAA.
  • Occasionally, interacting with the bow causes pistols to reload one bullet at a time.
  • Sleeping bags placed on foundations or flat ground can sometimes be placed at an unusual angle.
  • Train needs textures to be completed.
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