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Alpha Version - Now live

Festive greetings one and all! We have one more patch this side of the New Year that we’re ecstatically excited to share. We don’t normally promote dangerous horseplay, but this week it will be hard to avoid with the addition of new rideable horse companions. Just be sure to keep them well fed and looked after and you’ll be able to gallop around to your heart’s content.

So grab a hot chocolate, swipe a mince pie and stick a Santa Hat on your head (if you can one scattered across Eden-Nadir!) before digging in to this most festive of updates.

Happy Holidays from the JoE Development Team!


  • Added new rideable horses available from the Hanouten Safe Zone.
  • Mounted Horse Controls:
    • Mount/Dismount - [F]
    • Move forward/backwards - [W/S]
    • Direct horse - Mouse direction
    • Jump - [Space]
    • Attack with front hooves (when moving slowly) - [Left-click]
    • Attack with rear hooves (when moving slowly) - [Right-click]
    • Trot (slowest) - Tap [Ctrl]
    • Canter (slower) / Run (faster) - Tap [Shift]
    • Sprint (fastest) - Hold [Shift]
  • Horses can swim on water’s surface.
  • Horses have three vitals: Health, Stamina and Hunger.
  • Horse Health:
    • If you get your horse hurt (you monster), it will slowly regenerate health.
    • The horse will take damage if it falls too far. The higher the landing velocity, the more damage will be dealt.
    • If your horse reaches zero health, it will die permanently. You can however buy a new horse from the Hanouten Safe Zone stables.
  • Horse Stamina:
    • Sprinting will drain your horse’s stamina. Moving slower than a Sprint will allow Stamina to regenerate.
    • Jumping and attacking cost Stamina.
    • When Stamina reaches zero, your horse will drop it’s speed.
  • Horse Hunger:
    • As your horse’s hunger drops lower, it will limit its maximum Stamina (same as how player’s Hunger affects maximum Stamina).
    • Horse’s regenerate health slower the hungerier they are.
  • Added new buildable Hitching Posts and Feeding Troughs for your horse.
    • Can be placed on their own or connected to a Foundation. Hitching Posts and Feeding Troughs can be attached to each other.
    • Bring your horse close to a Hitching Post, dismount, then press [F] to interact with the Hitching Post. This will hitch the horse with a rope.
    • Your horse will automatically unhitch when you mount it.
    • Horse’s will only eat from a Food Trough while hitched.
    • Build a Food Trough nearby the Hitching Post to allow the horse to eat while hitched.
    • Fill a Food Trough with food by opening it with [F]. The horse will regularly eat from the trough while hitched nearby. If your horse is hungry when hitched, it will eat up to it’s maximum quickly, then slowly eat over time.
  • Eligible Horse Foods - the following food items can be placed in a Food Trough and will be eaten by horses.
    • Apples
    • Beetroots
    • Carrots
    • Turnips
    • Pumpkins
    • Pears
    • Parsnips
    • Marrows
    • Cantaloupes
    • Oranges
    • Watermelons
    • Plums

  • Germiya’s Stud - Buying a horse
    • Horses can be purchased in the Hanouten Safe Zone with Bucks.
    • To buy a horse, move in front of a horse in the Stable and press [F] to examine it. You will be able to see the name and statistics of the horse.
    • Use the [A] and [D] keys to look around the horse and press [F] to exit or press [Space] to purchase.
    • Horse names and colours are randomly chosen.
  • Horse data is included in save file. Players can save and load games while mounted on the horse.
  • Added new ‘Mount Sensitivity’ option in the settings, allowing horse mouse sensitivity to be set independently of main sensitivity option.

  • Cold breath now only shows when the ambient temperature is below 45F, (indicating the cold ambient only, not body temperature).
  • Moved Amy's spawn further away from Hanouten beyond the lighthouse.
  • Updated screen effects when taking damage.

  • Chrismas Trees added around the developed area of Eden-Nadir. They will remain until the first patch in New Year.
    • Harvest a Christmas Tree by hand to gather Santa Hats.
    • Santa Hats will give characters unlimited weight (1000Kg). Happy Holidays!
  • Added new lighthouse cliff face with stone steps.
  • Swapped out various trees to Scotts Pine for improved optimisation and visual quality.
  • Lighthouse now uses generic spawner system with up to 19 items spawning across all floors.
  • Replaced sedans with six new variations.
  • All Jack-o-Lanterns have been removed from house porches.
  • Boots and Camo pants removed from Lighthouse.
  • Expanded the decontamination scene outside Hanouten
  • Added road lines to some areas of roads

  • Added new organic foods which can be found at domestic spawn locations.
    • Potatoes
    • Beetroots
    • Carrots
    • Turnips
    • Pumpkins
    • Marrows
    • Pears
    • Parsnips
    • Cantaloupe Melons
    • Oranges
    • Peaches
    • Plums
    • Watermelons
    • Figs
  • Added Baseball Bat with barbed wire melee weapon.
  • Added Steel baseball Bat melee weapon.
  • Added Shovel melee weapon.
  • Added Crowbar melee weapon.
  • Added additional resources, Barbed Wire, Metal Plate, Metal Springs used in crafting.
  • Added updated sound effects for wooden baseball bat.
  • Added new craftable resource "Waterproof Cloth".
  • Added working workbench, this will enable players to craft additional items and weapons.
  • Characters will now gasp for breath when being underwater for long amount of time when reaching the surface.
  • Weapons and tools can now only be crafted on a workbench.
  • Changed the world model for wooden logs.
  • Wooden logs weight has been halved.
  • Tactical Tent now requires waterproof cloth to craft.
  • Bivouac Shelter (Bivy) now requires waterproof cloth to craft.
  • Added three additional crafting tools, Lump Hammer, Metal File & Hacksaw. These are used as requirements for crafting specific items.

  • Inventory item shortcuts have been moved to the left of the inventory screen, expanding the inventory display.
  • Inventory shortcut slots will now clear when no corresponding items are available in the inventory after use.
  • Added new design and layout to crafting UI.
  • Added new SFX to player inventory.
  • Crafting item details now displays required resource amount on detailed display.
  • Crafting items will be slightly faded out if player is not at required level or a relevant workstation is being used.

  • Optimised various calculations happening when placing building parts.
  • All cliff faces around Hanouten and surrounding area have now been optimised with LODs and less draws calls on the CPU as well as removing any geometry below the landscape.
  • Add new White Oak trees to replace Holdem Oak, reducing draw calls from seven per tree to four draw calls including billboard. Merging branches and leaves into the same Atlas texture. We will start this process for all trees over time reducing draws on the foliage.
  • Optimisation pass on foliage and world assets around Hanouten Safe Zone.
  • Optimised Hanouten Safe Zone assets to improve performance.
  • Removed random assets that are not required to keep the draws down.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue causing placement visualiser to rotate to match the character’s orientation instead of the players.
  • Fixed issues preventing buildable items from being placed on and nearby player constructions.
  • Fixed player’s Bucks not being saved.
  • Fixed missing collision in Hanouten Weston Park (General) Store.
  • Fixed not being able to pick up items in beach huts.
  • Fixed Stamina drain on melee weapons. The amount of Stamina used per attack is now different per weapon.
  • Stopped breathing sound effects when swimming underwater.
  • Re-added the ‘Favourite’ option back in to crafting items. Click on the star icon to add to Favourites category.
  • Fixed textures not rendering MRAO on safezone lodges.
  • Fixed textures not rendering correctly in roadworks holes.
  • Fixed door unlock sound effect not playing when unlocking a door
  • Fixed crafting Filters/Categories not working.
  • Fixed crafting search not working
  • Fixed shadows in buildings looking flat.
  • Fixed roadside barriers Ambient Occlusion.
  • Fixed junction at blockade and car on bricks which were using an old road material.
  • Fixed the basement door in Sen’s needing its prompt text adjusting.
  • Fixed Ambient Occlusion on roadside walls.
  • Fixed Ambient Occlusion on environment elements such as paths and roads which were too dark.
  • Adjusted shadows on tree Level Of Detail (LODs) to try and prevent shadows popping in and out.
  • Adjusted loot spawners in houses to prevent duping spawned loot.

We are aware that the game is currently very demanding on performance and bugs can cause problems during gameplay. JoE is in constant development by two developers and a single 3D artists. We are keen to resolve issues as promptly as possible, although please understand that they are to be expected as the game continues into development.Please make sure to read the following statement from our Steam store page before considering your purchase, as always your support is appreciated.

BEFORE YOU PURCHASE: AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM THE DEV TEAM In the spirit of our ethos of transparency and integrity we want you to know that our game is at ALPHA stage in EARLY ACCESS and will therefore contain many bugs and have performance issues on low to mid-end machines. We’re really proud of how it plays so far (it’s a lot of fun!) but if your rig DOES NOT meet the RECOMMENDED spec then the game may not perform well and as much as we appreciate your support we would suggest that you wait until later in development before you invest your money. We don’t want you buying something that’s going to disappoint you. Please also be aware that multiplayer is not yet implemented. This is under development and has been pushed back until Q1 / Q2 2020.


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