Thea 2: The Shattering

Thea 2: The Shattering

Build 0420 - 12th April

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Liq Apr 20 @ 1:11am 
Coal (150 base work) is used for fuel and upgrading materials fine, but it's exclusive.
Tier 1 Wood (100 base work) is used for fuel but not for upgrading materials, WHY?

When searching for a village location currently all you look for is coal and what is 3/7 tiles around as t1 wood is totally useless if there's t2+ wood around so why can't we use t1 wood for upgrading materials as well?

My suggestion is to add the option to use t1 wood in a 1.5 ratio compared to coal for upgrading materials and end this insane need for coal.:


Just make a repeatable recipe that cooks Char-Coal out of wood and that acts like coal for upgrading purposes.

Love the game
ldsw15 Apr 16 @ 5:01pm 
I have noticed that no matter what I do my elf child grows with 2 options only: gatherer and craftsman, and my dwarf child grows with 1 option only: craftsman but their stats are ridiculous!

It would make sense to enable elf child to become an archer as they naturally have a bonus to the subcategory and the dwarf child to become a craftsman for the same reason.

Can you please have a look at these?

Otherwise, I am loving the game keep drooling omg best game ever cannot get enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)))))))))))))))))))))))
Enchantress Apr 15 @ 1:45pm 
pls, portuguese or spanish update :cozyrealmroyale:
Charlificate Apr 15 @ 1:10am 
awesome work!
🔥FireBender🔥 Apr 14 @ 3:17pm 
Camper Apr 13 @ 8:31am 
please add russian language:tcry:
Killiango Apr 12 @ 5:10am 
what exactly was changed about the growing up?
Currently it is still a bit unclear how that mechanic works exactly
NigatiF Apr 12 @ 2:51am 
417 not in beta! u doin it ron!
LASER-RAPTOR Apr 12 @ 2:31am 
MULTIPLAYER STILL NOT WORKING! Endless loading until disconnect tryed it out witrh 3 friends, we dont get it to work, so sad, but good game keep it up...
RoganRavenheart Apr 12 @ 1:29am 
Awesome work. I'm looking forward to the full release, but for now I'm happy to just help finding bugs and enjoying the game. :steamhappy: