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Hello all,

Flashing Lights developer Nils Jakrins has been hard at work on Early Access updates ever since the game launched in June 2018. For those of you who have been with us since the beginning, you know how far the game has come since back then!

We'd love it if you voted for Flashing Lights in the Labor of Love Award.

If you are yet to play, why not jump in now, with 25% off in the Steam Autumn Sale?

Keep an eye out for the following exciting updates in the coming months!

December: Optimised Map Release Part 1: Small map single player callouts + improved dispatch system based on community feedback

January: Optimised Map Release Part 2: Small map new multiplayer callouts + improved dispatch system based on community feedback

February: Optimised Map Release Part 3: Overhauled traffic AI + traffic will appear on the streets of the new small map.

March: Optimised Map Release Part 4: Fully functional enhanced and optimised new map. This will form the foundation of the ongoing game development.
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