Griftlands Reboot, Alpha and Roadmap

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Cycnos Aug 19 @ 12:58am 
I laugh. It's amazing to see kikoolol comments. What's the problem ? You buy alpha on Epic store and you will receive next June a key for Steam. Your money allows better development for Klei. The Alpha is very cool, the core of the game is solid. Very promising. Cry instead of play ;)
Wolfen Aug 9 @ 10:30am 
Epic hookers and a cheap card game *shivers*

Too bad another fresh and promising setting born dead.

Jorian Drake Aug 5 @ 10:23pm 
Too bad. I was interested in the RPG, especially if we get to create our own character, but not a card game. That's like wanting a Ferrari and getting a Trabant.

Good luck to you, as I hope a success means you'll create the RPG later, but I won't buy this card-gathering game.
Casworon Aug 2 @ 5:19am 
That's cool. Will just wait for the steam release. All the best with the game!
Axiomatt Jul 31 @ 3:54pm 
cool so i'm not playing this for a year. so excited to see the new game and so ♥♥♥♥♥♥ off i have to wait a year. bad move klei :(
Rana Jul 30 @ 4:16am 
Why alpha is on a platform where community can barely discuss and fix this game with proper feedback with each other?
You're literally destroying and hurting your own game.
Odai Jul 29 @ 2:05pm 
"We have partnered with Epic to bring the Alpha of Griftlands to the Epic Game Store exclusively for one year, and will launch in Early Access on Steam next June."
- I think its really disgusting that epic separates the pc community with their times exclusives, it's bad enough with the whole pc, consoles situation, why would you support stuff like this?

"After rebooting the game, Epic approached us as a partner and we felt that this fit well with our process of going from Alpha to garner feedback before putting it on all platforms."
- Just say how it is, they gave you loads of money for this, and it's not because of better feedback, jeez the ♥♥♥♥ store is a mess and they dont even have forums to get you any feedback.

Also myself like many others got burned hard from epic and thats why i rather wait for a release on steam then giving them a single cent. :lunar2019deadpanpig:

Really disapointed with you decisions.
Crashguy2 Jul 28 @ 10:15pm 
The last Turn-Based Strategy from Klei that I played was really cool (Invisible Inc), so i'll keep an eye out for this later. Not installing more than one digital storefront on my computer for anything, though, 'cause I can't be bothered to keep the accounts straight and it feels like a waste of harddrive space.
Cliff474 Jul 27 @ 9:11am 
More complaining, of course, to be honest I haven't even heard about this game till now so waiting until next June for a full release doesn't sound too bad since im not a fan of early access these days.
Lit Jul 24 @ 4:51pm 
Epic gives developers a higher cut which means more money for developing the games you love. Why are there so many people who feel betrayed by developers just trying to break away from Steams monopoly?