Veil of Crows

Veil of Crows

Version 1.0.3 Now live. Further optimization inside!

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John Apr 15 @ 11:18pm 
I gave you guys a positive review and just encountered a game breaking issue that I now feel warrants retracting my review but cant.

I just attacked 11 barbarians with some 78 men, at least 10 were cavalry, 15 were archers of varying kind, 30 were peasents, and then I have varying types of melee troops from serfs and miners and axemen to I dont know what else.

guess who won when I clicked auto resolve?
Centurion of Rome Apr 13 @ 3:09am 
Here it is people. More people that dont understand making a game takes time. there is no huge dev team. hes not blizzard! stfu. this game is well done. yeah it may have a few odd spots. but over all its a very fun game! Keep up the good work. work at your own pace. your doing great!:steamhappy:
Green is Good Apr 11 @ 10:11am 
Work at your own pace bro, don't listen to these normies. Hope you make this game better:steamhappy:
Praetor Mar 15 @ 1:13pm 
is the game dead?
D-Jake Mar 10 @ 4:56am 
so here you have it, guys! i said before that its wrong that the game is leaving the early access in that state. i was criticised but now you can see how the rating dropped, no new players and no income for the dev. so it seems he abandoned this project which is a shame because it was promising in the beginning. i dont understand how such unpolished piece can be "out of full production". the problem with this is not just a few bugs here and there.
xpldrox Mar 8 @ 11:26am 
jeez, almost half a year after the last update. this one is dead
MrBungle  [developer] Feb 4 @ 11:56pm 
Updates will come a bit slower now that it is out of full production. But progress has been made on the next update.
Wothanaz Feb 1 @ 10:16am 
Please don't let this game die, it may become a masterpiece. I'm waiting for a more optimized build to buy it.
XxGhost Jan 17 @ 12:38am 
Mr.Bungle are you looking for assistance in optimizing?I work for free
MrBungle  [developer] Jan 7 @ 7:56pm 
r1singDiabl0: This works in M&B because you only have direct control of one army. In voc you can have any number of armies. If you select the 'pause' speed, you can use the spacebar to toggle between pause and 10x when moving.

joseglml6: I have been away for the last few weeks but hope to continue to update VOC soon.

Cheers all!