Patch v1.1.7

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Steem_sucks_cock Feb 6 @ 12:36pm 
Brilliant! I've only had the game for a couple of weeks but I'm already up to 29 hours of play time. So far I've been very happy with the game and I look forward to future updates.
Twice Circled  [developer] Feb 6 @ 2:03am 
Hey @Steem that feature is actually coming in an update very soon. A search bar is being added which will allow you to filter the contents of the build menu. :)
Steem_sucks_cock Feb 6 @ 1:29am 
How difficult/time consuming would it be to add in an option to show only tropical, only cold, or all fish from the menu? If I'm building a cold water tank I don't really care about the tropical fish or plants I have. The same applies in reverse when I'm building a tropical tank.
smhdotscott1 Feb 3 @ 11:23am 
Loving the game so far. Was just thinking, have you considered an expansion crossover with Subnautica? There's enough content there for an entire new aquarium of fish.
KeitaTakamurav3 Jan 21 @ 6:08am 
I see some people complaining about moving walls, it really does look like a hassle moving walls individually
DeveloperGames Jan 19 @ 3:30pm 
One suggestion, You should add more species of fish!
Illegal Dreadlocks Jan 18 @ 2:48pm 
Shrimp species, prawns, clams and filter feeders please.
Twice Circled  [developer] Jan 16 @ 2:19am 
Thanks for the suggestions Jubal!
Jubal Early Jan 15 @ 11:59am 
A few things I would like to see.

1. More zones for my workers. I LOVE to micromanage.

2. Dining tables and chairs.

3. Bathrooms that are not Porta-potties. I spends hundreds of thousands on filters and pumps, but my guests can't get flushable toilets?

4. Auto feeders. Let it be an expensive luxury item and exclude a few of the high end foods if needed for balances.

DLC ideas.

Mad Scientist. (I want to make a sharktapus).

Outdoor Facilities for Orca and Dolphins. ( an option to exploit for money at the cost of prestige or rehabilitation to release into the wild.)

Penguins and Fresh water fish.

Seriously. I would love the opportunity to throw the money at you. I love your game, appreciate the hardwork, and cannot wait to see what you come up with.
Twice Circled  [developer] Jan 11 @ 2:16am 
Yes good point.