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Today's build includes the following features and bug fixes:

  • Goalies no longer decline with age as quickly as skaters
  • Added an 'Ageless' tag. Players with this tag don't decline as quickly as others
  • Fixed several crashes and bugs in the waivers functionality
  • Added ROW, L10 and STK to standings page (only shown when screen resolution is sufficient)
  • Layout improvements to main standings page
  • Improvements to when teams clinch playoff spots
  • Minor player updates
  • Waiver claims now shown on 'Moves' page
  • Playoff rounds now start on a fixed date, not as soon as previous round ended
  • East and west teams now play playoff games on alternate dates (except finals)
  • Retirements added to 'Moves' page
  • IR placements removed from 'Moves' page
  • Improved 'Moves' page layout
  • Players who clear waivers can be sent to the minors as much as desired by a team for 30 days before having to clear waivers again
  • Improved match list screen (clicking 'Previous' on line scores screen)
  • Retirement algorithm now retires players over age 30 if they drop below a certain threshold for value

    Let us know if you find any problems or if you have any feature requests! We are continuing to work toward a full release.
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