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rusty_dragon Jul 25 @ 10:55am 
You can make it into UE if you want.. That's what C API is for.
charles_a Jul 24 @ 1:26pm 
It didn't make it into UE4 4.20?
rusty_dragon Jul 14 @ 6:22am 
I've got your original message. Yes, it's more convenient to make spatial 3D audio awailable for everyone.

I hope Nvidia would ramp development up, so we would have at last one useful GoymWorks library. ;)

Creative were Nvidia of audio world back in the day. For some reason Realtek who just been making good affordable and easy to use chips have concured the market.
BOLL Jul 14 @ 2:55am 
That's the thing, the use of the GPU would be generalized and not so much dedicated audio processing hardware :P IMO at least. In comparison to having a specific sound-card for positional audio. That was what I was originally trying to say :D

And yeah, I liked Creative until I heard about that story, shame on them for stomping out any kind of progress that was made in the field, at least for consumers.
rusty_dragon Jul 14 @ 1:32am 
You still can feel damage caused by Creative :(
rusty_dragon Jul 14 @ 1:31am 
Well, Steam Audio can do pretty nice things using processing only, but it's not magic and put pretty serious load on a CPU. For all juiceness of effects hardware acceleration with GPU is required.
I'm glad that AMD and now Valve pushing spacial sound tech in gaming.
BOLL Jul 14 @ 1:19am 
@rusty_dragon yup yup, but not requiring a dedicated audio spatializer expansion card in our PCs for it right? That's what I was thinking of :)
rusty_dragon Jul 13 @ 2:27am 
@BOLL Steam Audio supports automatic hardware acceleration support for tech like TrueAudio 2 and possibly VRWorks Audio in the future if it'll be released.
BOLL Jul 13 @ 2:08am 
It's a good thing we now have computers that can handle spatial audio without proprietary hardware, so there's less risk to end up with the [Creative Labs murdering Aureal and sitting on acquired patents] situation we have had since the late 90's/2000.
that's what she said Jul 12 @ 6:01pm 
Good job. Industry REALLY needs to push sound forward. Most games now have worse positional audio than a decade ago. I really do hope Steam Audio will be popular.