Steam Audio

Steam Audio

Beta 13: AMD TrueAudio Next Support

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风中小筑 Sep 4 @ 4:56pm 
rusty_dragon Mar 17 @ 8:40pm 
From what I know, CS:GO was updated with Steam Audio long time ago.
Google it.
haiabachii Feb 7 @ 12:07pm 
Have somebody says blockchain? Oh, no it was outsourcing on GPU.
I still have special expensive audio hardware that doesn’t work because nobody build EAX sound in Games, and API broken and…. Long long time ago it was an other hyper train…. ;D
rusty_dragon Feb 6 @ 2:17pm 
No, VRWorks Audio seems to be attempt to copy TA. Doesn't have CU reservation, from what I've remembered.
rusty_dragon Feb 6 @ 12:04pm 
VRWorks Audio. It's funny, they've actually made support for Maxwell too.
No TAN tools support, but from what I've seen TAN and VRWorks Audio used as hardware acceleration.

I can't find Phonon documentation, looks like it's already shut down.
But here is one for Steam Audio:
mphuZ Feb 6 @ 11:32am 

VRWorks Audio?
Или видеокарты от Nvidia смогут работать с инструментами TAN?
mphuZ Feb 6 @ 11:30am 
> This has two broad advantages

But i see three ..

> Radeon™ FX 480

Azix Feb 6 @ 11:15am 
Nice to see some meaningful advancements with audio. Doesn't really matter if Nvidia is behind, this pushes things forward.
zmeul Feb 6 @ 11:01am 
supporting a brand specific library is the wrong way to go