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Hey pilots,

Alpha v06 is just around the corner! This is a major update and I'm thankful for your patience so far! This time I'm introducing the Rogue Wings' Open Universe: a living and breathing star system full of friendlies and foes, planets, moons, asteroid fields and space stations for you to explore! This is how you will now enter missions and take part as the story progresses.

A word of caution: this star system is under attack by the evil Supremacy forces, and each space lane jump might trigger an encounter! In the most dangerous areas you'll face drone squadrons, pirate ships and even Supremacy Battleships!

The new flight model is also coming together really well! This is a complete overhaul over the original Rogue Wings flight model, and it brings more responsive turning and the ability to roll with ease. Flying now is way more satisfying, as your ship will respond a lot better to your commands.

You will also notice major performance improvements. A lot of the game base code went through some serious optimization and I can now throw a lot more enemies in and increase the scale of combat considerably!

That's it for today! It's almost time to jump into the pilot's seat!
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