Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown

Update 4.2

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A wolf's spirit Feb 17 @ 12:46pm 
i love the new update Crytek, would love to see more improvements. I would also love to see a new kind of boss like a werewolf or wendigo that insted of hunting and killing it in a building you would have to track in a forested area to get to some kind of den or clearing to kill it.
1v4n94 Feb 14 @ 9:00pm 
Thanks for the update. I hope you can fix the remaining bugs now. Happy developing!
Alkasher Feb 14 @ 10:10am 
Crytek....get your game fixed already.
the glorious 4.2 fix patch doesnt do it!

me and my mate still lose connection, when searching for games. crashes. have to close game and reboot.

this instability is going on for 3 months and really makes me wanna stop playing the game.

the game is good in general, but you gotta fix the basics else u lose the last members left....:steamsad:
WKG Feb 12 @ 9:29pm 
are people still entering games 2 v no one? or is the game fun now?
Anal Seapage Feb 12 @ 7:58am 
if i were u i would uninstall and redownload
Parsifal Feb 12 @ 7:24am 
Downloaded game. Start the game is tested anti-cheat appears black screen and throws instantly on the desktop! What to do???
Anal Seapage Feb 12 @ 7:22am 
1050ti might make the cut for this game :/
Spiridon Feb 11 @ 1:40am 
i5 7300HQ, 1050Ti, 8 gb RAM. Totally no difference with fps after update. 40-70 fps at min graph with 1900/1080 resolution. 50-80 fps at 1600/900 resolution. Worst is that it is not possible to make a stable 60 fps with with fps block at 60 or with vsync. It drops till 50fps even in confined spaces.
dvair Feb 9 @ 1:58pm 
Other Hunters footsteps are way to quiet, guy cam running at me made no noise.
[Carnifex]Nemesis Feb 9 @ 10:29am 
Plays like an entirely new game, so much better. Can finally play again.