Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown

Update 4.1 - Patch #1

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Rance Jan 14 @ 1:46pm 
Dude come on! I want controller support!
BULLY HUNTER_69 Jan 13 @ 4:38pm 
Guys they'll do large-scale optimization once they've finished it, because it's easier to do that than to keep having to change things whenever a new major update is out
RENGAR Jan 12 @ 4:35pm 
hi fix fps pls i7740x 1080ti full hd 1080p i got only 110 fps drops 25 sometimes plz fix
Jester Jan 12 @ 1:33am 
nothing to fix those anoying FPS Drops? :neveralonebear:
/\v/\ Jan 12 @ 1:17am 
still unoptimize game wtf
Robot Lord of Tokyo Jan 10 @ 7:42pm 
Anyone else now constantly swarmed by creatures while taking two or more headshots and multiple heavy melees to kill anything?
ARealJighead Jan 10 @ 3:07pm 
YES! Very glad to see the audio crackle bug fix on this update. can't wait to try it out.

Thank you!
Pickles Jan 10 @ 11:52am 
- With an i7 processor, the game can "just" run smoothly without any major issues..

- However it still eats CPU resources like no-ones business, "starving" just about every other process, surely some basic culling / management of the loop (even at the cost of FPS would smooth some of the other components trying to breathe / eg. network etc.. and not bring the entire thing to a jitter fest?)
Pickles Jan 10 @ 11:48am 
- Game now stutters / jitters constantly on i5 1080 GTX (previously was just bad FPS performance 4.0) in most areas, rendering it unplayable.

- CPU usage hits 99% / even on the menu screen, GPU usage was reduced this patch to 70-80% down from 100%

- Loading screen locks up (since beta) for several seconds during initial connection (like it's literally using 100% CPU doing something that probably requires 0.01% eg. network on another thread?).

- Apart from the absolute awful performance, the game enviroment is inspiring. Please hire one hardcore coder / optimization guy :) The level / artists / sound / gameplay guys all have it nailed and it's let down by the engine / code?.
RUSEL07 [UZB] Jan 10 @ 8:19am 
как были проблемы с рандомом так и остались