PixARK Update 4/19 - Patch Notes

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narwhaleducky Apr 24 @ 11:58am 
known bug: turning pixblocks back into dinosaurs fall through the ground landing in a cave system or going through the world and dieing.
loot tables being random and not rewarding
chuck loading issues
and another thing is stop spawning disnoaurs right infront of me. its anoying and hard to be in any type of high level biome i.e dark forest and such
ocubist Apr 24 @ 5:32am 
I am happy, that it's going forward, but the Plants are still disappearing and I still find it super annoying that you get Stuck within a Crowd of your own tamed Creatues and u can't do anything but putting them to Pixblocks to get unstuck. That makes it literally impossible to take some Creatures into Dungeons.
xNeo Apr 23 @ 8:52pm 
@jessica701 try verifying your game files on steam. +1 to the disappearing crops
xNeo Apr 23 @ 8:51pm 
What will be in 1.11? And when?
Hannilock Apr 23 @ 8:06pm 
Crop seeds are still disappearing ;---;
Jessica701 Apr 23 @ 6:03pm 
i've been trying to log in but game crashes all the time...anyone know why is this happening?
PiggyKnight Apr 23 @ 11:26am 
I would love some more dragon kinds, the dirt blocks turning into grass cubes after some time, fix the crossbow pleaseee. And what's really important, add a special dart type that will knock out magic creatures! Like a magic sleepy dart that I could shoot from my longneck for example.
Mspelwein Apr 22 @ 7:57pm 
plz add a feature that allows grass to grow back
Dr. Phil Apr 22 @ 9:13am 
add mods!!!!
alphakiller6113 Apr 22 @ 8:49am 
will there be color variations? and breeding?