Explorer's Guide: Soil Privilege Marker

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君兮墨若 Apr 2 @ 4:04am 
Nomadic Apr 1 @ 7:47am 
Detective Geralt,

You're in no position to mock anyone's grammar.
aoi10 Apr 1 @ 7:40am 

DeathDiamond Apr 1 @ 1:44am 
Does this game remove your dino's after 3 days?
Detective Geralt Mar 31 @ 10:43pm 
Why can i not active more than one privledge markers?? I had multiple running just 6 hours ago, now I can't have more than one active. It just says "actived priviledge marker too much". One, that grammar though. Two, if this change was intented, do you seriously think that one is enough for a tribe? Some donkey can walk by and greif me by placing blocks down or dig up the area around me. That's a problem players dont have a solution to because structures dont expire for some reason so the greif blocks can be there forever and there's nothing I can do about it.

Also, now I'm nervous as ♥♥♥♥ right now because all my chests/etc could break and lose all my belongings because sauropods can damage them through walls. STONE dino gates are stone, so why can sauropods damage them?? If someone tried hard enough, they can actually break into my unprotected base because of saurpods and being able to have one active priviledge marker only.

Altiuri Mar 31 @ 9:02pm 
Does this protect my stuff from wild bronto tails? Something aggro'd one next to my large stone base and it's tail destroyed literally EVERYTHING in my base.
Fullmetal_Angyl Mar 31 @ 12:10pm 
Another use for this is within the claim you cannot damage/mine/harvest anything. The enviroment cannot be altered. And certificates should last a day each AT LEAST so one quest can fuel the privilege for several days. In Ark it takes a week or more of neglect for things to become unclaimed or similar.

It should also protect as far under ground as it does above the placed Soil Privilege. So 9 blocks deep below the sign as well and 9 blocks high above the sign. A lot of Minecraft players are using this game and they want to mine and build underground.
Saito Mar 31 @ 5:10am 
The certificates last WAY to short a time, this is not sustainable
Jamesfett Mar 31 @ 4:37am 
atm its not playable, if theres not some sorta roll back or i dont magically have all my gear back when i wake up tomorrow, im not going to be happy
Jamesfett Mar 31 @ 4:36am 
can break any structure including vaults with a steel sword

says you keep all stuff on action bar and armour, my friend lose all early on, and i lose all right now, i had nothing in my inventory i knew i would die, went away to eat and thought nothing of it because ment to keep all that stuff, didnt

gargoyle moves so fast u can see peoples bases underground, player structures always render in first

some of the dungeon spawns just dont work, chests spawn but nothing inside, i destroyed every structure during pvp event and went away for a hour, still nothing, server restarted, still nothing

and i know there was no more player structures inside because i used prementioned gargoyle render glitch