PixARK Update 3/28 - Patch Notes

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Macka Apr 3 @ 8:22am 
3/3 I would LOOOOVEEEE that there are so many different creatures, i really do, and possibilities. But why... 25 max creatures. Only utility creatures already add up or are more then this if you want all. You can't even have a dragon or gargoyle 'just because', you have to kill something to get something new. Please raise the cap a little. There are so many different creatures.

But mainly the max creatures & bronto thing, its crazy annoying.
So far i really like the game, there is so many to do and many new things.
It looks great!
Macka Apr 3 @ 8:22am 
2/3 And what about all them holes... I mean, all good and fun that there's underground caves and stuff but some places are just.. nearly one giant plothole with nothing. Does that get respawned/fixed somehow at some point? I get that everyone is mining and shit but at some point... its empty?

Oh, what about, players have to jump eeeveerrry dang tile while every creature can just run over it. Cool and all and reason to tame anything to ride, BUT, your just screwed when your trying to run away.... Is that a purposely thought up thing?
Macka Apr 3 @ 8:22am 
1/3 Please fix what PuffyDragonair says. PLEASE. I've had my shit killed a lot of times even in the mountain far away from everything. Once because someone decided to piss one of and climb on my house and then actually 'hiding' in my house *PIONEERING SERVER*, once because someone tried to get rid of them and attacked them (and really... 7 brontos on a piece of land where pretty much barely 2 fit) and so on. IT GETS ANNOYING losing all dinos and all your things.
PuffyDragonair Apr 2 @ 3:12pm 
Bronto shouldnt be able to kill my entire family with one swing of a tail through 15 deep blocks in a mountain thats illogical and physically impossible, why cant iron picks break specific gemstones? I have to be level 75 to get emerald I dont even know what they're used for but i can finish my house in the mountains with abstract art of gemstone blocks everywhere. Why are the animals all the same difficulty no matter the level? how is a level 5 rex as strong as a level 40?
Elayham Apr 1 @ 5:59pm 
Storms are all the time. WAY too many storms. There is no way to reduce storm and wind noise. Go deaf and crazy or turn down the noise and get blindsidded by something you didn't hear coming. These are not amazing options. Can you please add at least an ambiant slide control for the wind and weather noise?
Elayham Apr 1 @ 4:18pm 
Had to swim into deep ocean to get my stuff after being struck by lightning. The storm had ended already by at least 2 minutes when I was hit. Put argent on follow so I could get a pick up when I got back to the surface, ARGENT FOLLOWED ME TO THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN!!!
Elayham Apr 1 @ 3:20pm 
All dinos of the same species regardless of level have the exact same stats. Killing a level 3 is just as hard as killing a level 50
Paints/Dyes do not work
Fireflies HP lvl after tame is 1 - When points are put into their health it remains at 1
Longneck riffle needs to be made available at a much lower level
Spoil times and stacking is a mess. An entire trough of meat will not last a full day before it rots. It's hard to keep dinos fed
Privilege certificates burn far too quickly adding to the growing issue of PvE griefing out of admin control
Elayham Apr 1 @ 3:19pm 
Rafts still vanish
No admin ability to control PvE player griefing
* Foundations do not count as structures making them both unbreakable and irremovable
****Admin control is desperately needed!!****
Kettle unable to fill from taps
Electrical storms breaking the hat in a single use
* No ability to repair, must be remade
Electrical storms knocking you out while inside of a secured building
Dino spawns on top of player homes/builds
Sauropod ignoring collision
Sauropod is WAY too OP
Bogey Breath Apr 1 @ 5:43am 
Please add something to make it so you cant build or mind things near other people!
BananaCat847 Mar 31 @ 6:45am 
the pickaxe is not accurate if you mine one block youll secretly be mining the block behind, side, and below you, but not the block ypu want to break. Please fix this or add some sort of crosshair.