PixARK Update 4/26 - Patch Notes

105 Rate up
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Alemarz May 1 @ 4:56pm 
Spanish Language <3
... May 1 @ 9:32am 
singleplayer please
Beezle Da Warlock May 1 @ 8:44am 
only things i really want are map regen, mindwipe and structure decay timer other then that really enjoying the game! :D
HomieboyN Apr 30 @ 8:48pm 
fixed the flowing of screen load
Mono Apr 30 @ 11:30am 
The ruins, temples, castles, pyramids etc... are not spawning loot or monsters. After the last update most of those buildings are empty.
123 Apr 30 @ 8:47am 
Far cry 5 runs better then pixark on my pc n i got decent gaming pc
123 Apr 30 @ 8:46am 
For God sake reduce the memory consumption
Potato Apr 30 @ 12:41am 
@McPickle Two things wrong there, You're using arrows instead of darts. Refer to wiki for number of darts vs arrows required.

Second thing is you're using an x-bow. Bows are far superior to crossbows in pixark and drastically reduce the amount of tranqs you need to down something. Add in the ability to farm ascendant bows from coyote ruins and you reduce that amount even more.

There are no "hidden" requirements anywhere, it just requires you to be prepared with the right equipment and it becomes very easy, especially being able to build or dig a trap just about anywhere.
TaylerBootz Apr 29 @ 2:13pm 
Lot's of people complaining about X-box. Honestly I'm surprised they even released an early access game onto a console so early.
Felronis Apr 29 @ 10:16am 
@Hed420 nah if we got what we wanted we would have grass to grow or a way to move water, or for water to have physics to trail it places with canals, besides that they are screwing with some ark codes, you think console will go smooth? would be nice, but fat chance just from the track record of people trying to port anything ark over XD