PixARK Update 4/6 - Patch Notes

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123 Apr 11 @ 8:42am 
Very useful bug fix: Ghost blocks. When mining or placing a lot, certain blocks don’t disappear and prevent you from placing blocks near them. They go away after about a minute but it’s still annoying.
mastercheif1229 Apr 10 @ 4:37pm 
Make it so that ghost dragons can't go out of their biome. One came into either the river or novice grassland bime right outside of a dark forest and killed me.
Zinc Apr 10 @ 4:17pm 
flint respawn. my arrows are taking it all up.
EndymionSpr Apr 10 @ 2:49pm 
It's still possible to get stuck inside block while building (single player)
Armstrong Apr 10 @ 5:10am 
Better add engram for grass block and you can craft it from dirt block.
Gaige Da Engineer Apr 9 @ 7:43pm 
If you could make grass blocks or just code grass to spread on its own, that'd be just great.
zawar23 Apr 9 @ 2:50pm 
im so♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥my server is bugged to whenever i fly over this persons build it deletes my tame from existance! i just lost my lvl 98 gargoyle and my whole inventory :(
123 Apr 9 @ 3:32am 
Damn I just read some comment of people that doesn't understand the meaning off n alpha game... Keep up the good work and keep fix the bugs ;) One thing I have notice is that my key bind in the mouse (that is using the upbutton on the keyboard) when I go to binds and use that button to keybind "change view" it will unassign the up botton bind and assign the change view bind but when I run the game again the next day it will not save the change.

Once again keep up the good work ;)
Oruein Apr 8 @ 5:06pm 
How about: Random items disappearing from the ice box. Crops disappearing from their planters if you go outside the biome chunk. I could make a huge list, but.. eh. I like the game and all but there are some things that need a lot of TLC.
MyUsualMe Apr 8 @ 12:30pm 
Oh and as a side note, if you are going to use the IP Logo of something, you should try to make it as close to the original as possible. So far IMO Snail games as a whole has missed the mark.
It is simply not feasable at this time for a mid range player to advance past a certain point with any speed due to tames not being able to hold their own against their wild counterparts. Nerfing the saddles like you did has killed the game for me in as much as the land animals are unable to traverse the terrain and the flyers are so weak.
I'm keeping an eye on this because I have over 6000 hours in ARK and I love it but Snail, you really need to take more than a few pages out of Wildcard's playbook and not just wear the face.
There's a saying. "You can put lipstick on a pig, but you can't take it to prom."
Thank you for your time.