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Updated DLC Browsing Experience

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MinqApoc 2 hours ago 
This update is utter garbage.
neness 75 [FR] 6 hours ago 
ont ne sait pas se que sait se n ait pas traduit merci quand meme
Mark Rushow 6 hours ago 
I really want notifications when games I'm following put out dlc. Not to have to click on each game and check each game one at a time to see if anything new has come out for it.
daymyron 7 hours ago 
I used to be able to scroll down a list with my owned DLC greyed out, thus making it easy to see what was available and make a purchase. This new system is functionally useless in terms of easy purchasing, it is insane to use and things that you hoped to find and know are available are almost invisible or can't be found at all. I was hoping to spool down the list of DLC and buy a couple of things, after 15 minutes and endless clicking backwards and forwards, I have given up and decided that it's too much trouble.

The tab that is labelled "Lists" opens a page that shows many choices, one of them "rest of World" does not have a list for US routes at all. There are lists for US locos, but not lists for routes.
I realise that this comment only refers to Train Simulator, but with over 500 DLC items to browse through, this change is totally counter productive in generating sales.
Arnwyn 10 hours ago 
I would like a way to *exclude* DLC from searching/browsing (e.g. specials or new releases).
BiggDaddyCJ 11 hours ago 
Maybe you could get someone with a brain to code the catagory feature....
BiggDaddyCJ 11 hours ago 
Another useless change since filtering sale lists to EXCLUDE DLC STILL DOESN"T WORK AFTER 5 YEARS!
KillDeme 11 hours ago 
I don't understand this new DLC system... :steamsad:
Xautos 13 hours ago 
I don't like the changes to be honest.

The previous system was straight to the point, a list of DLCs you can get. click to view the dlc in another screen, the price tag and you could each of them seperately.

This new system is so clumsy:
i have to actually go looking for what i want and lets say for example i wanted to get ETS2 Vive le France, it would mean i would have to search through the dlc lists to find and then open a seperate window when they are buried under a number of other DLC's.
The new system also doesn't show prices or the add to cart button but rather a number of pictures of the product.