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Updated DLC Browsing Experience

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Vapid Actions 4 hours ago 
Navigation is very annoying particularly for high count DLC games (RPG's). Also lack of price being listed is annoying.
iKickBullies 6 hours ago 
Did we stop forcing games to launch when trying to add free DLC for games?
Garunesu 7 hours ago 
Cancer navigator :disapprove:
I'd get those games with hundreds of DLC banned instead... for the good health of the platform. Games like Train Simulator are dirty scammers concealed as videogames :steamsalty:
DriftMachine 8 hours ago 
Too bad 5 years later I am still banned for a few words intended to be funny. I guess I found a work arround for now. Steam got so big for its bridges it no longer carees about the people who with them fromthe start. Ex hardware tester for the early steam OS here. :steamsad:
Zero 9 hours ago 
Games where they dont care much about the steam lists tend to be a pain to sort through. preferred the old system. wish there was a way to go back to it.
valk 11 hours ago 
the only glaring fault UI wise is that there's no prices in the 'card list' view, and no sorting by price seems possible
Alien Armpit 15 hours ago 
It's a good thing to be able to see how many dlc a game has BEFORE i buy it, so i can see if i would get ripped off in the long run. Great work steam! :steammocking:
kitzberger.f 15 hours ago 
Finally! it was so annoying to go through them before... everytime you ended up in a library and had to go search again. Good job champs
mbpoblet 16 hours ago 
@Zinkman55 The friggin' Steam Team themselves literally asked us to comment, you illiterate nitwit:

"Let us know if you run into any issues or have feedback on these new pages.

-The Steam Team"

Zinkman55 19 hours ago 
No one asked for you comment. V V V