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Improvements to the "Upcoming" tab on Steam

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CasualCharlie1 Jul 17 @ 12:58pm 
Portal 3, when? (Havent finished portal 2 but love the series!)
jackik1410 [V-WG] Jul 17 @ 6:43am 
Perhaps you could implement a normal calendar like list for the release date of ALL games, which could then be filtered manually, which would also help identifying games you roughly know the release date of, but not the name.
GaTu Jul 15 @ 11:49pm 
I want to know what's coming.
Not only "what's-coming-and-popular" or "what's-coming-and-similar-to-games-you-like".
Only 0,5% of clients are using the raw list? ok ,how many ppl is 0,5% bazillion clients you have?

I hate "popular" stuff. Some of us like to play indie games and they are usually not popular at all. I just like to discover new games. With this update, indie games of small studios will be absolutely buried behind all the popular ones.
Most of the people already know when the popular games will release.
We spend our time playing games you know.
shadow1w2 Jul 15 @ 10:24pm 
I don't mind this stuff but I'd also like to have a raw list of whats new or doing well despite my personalized reccomendations. Infact I often don't use anything more than wishlit and follow cause I don't want anything filtered out completely. Be nice to have the best of both worlds and switch from a personalized mode and a raw viewing mode of whatevers new or popular at the time if I'd like it or not. Sometimes the newly added list lets me know about some games I've forggeten that make it to Steam so I really don't want it filtered and certainly not automaticlly for me.
jackik1410 [V-WG] Jul 15 @ 9:44am 
Life 4 Dead? Left 4 Dead (Life/2?), but yeah, can't disagree!
Church Jul 14 @ 11:22pm 
I just wish "Half-Life 3"/"Portal 3"/"Life 4 Dead 3" will show up in the page
⚠_likesimulator[Twitch] Jul 14 @ 9:04pm 
Delu Jul 14 @ 8:01am 
Snap to screen/ docking bugs on windows 10
Would you finally fix the snap to screen bugs please, makes steam annoying and hard to use if you have stuff open on the other half of a 1080p screen.

What happens is eg. I use snap to screen on the left, there is an area of say 1 cm cut off which is annoying but worse is it breaks interacting with the steam interface. E.g. you try to select Activity or Store but selecting is displaced/ glitched and navigation is laggy, annoyingly broken and near impossible to use.

Maybe you rich Valve folks all have 4k monitors hooked up to top of the line systems and hardly notice such puny issues, test on normal setups for christ's sake! What kind of QA are you guys running? :steamfacepalm:

This issue has been there before. Briefly was gone and has been back now for quite some time.
Esdeath Jul 14 @ 7:19am 
I´ve been having problems on conection with steam since this update
dcrockerjr Jul 14 @ 3:00am 
the unfiltered list is still available at:
or toward the bottom of:
if you select the "all upcoming releases" tab