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Positive "Review Bombs"

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link Jun 21 @ 1:28am 
ya yeet:steamhappy:
KOREA_eoddnr1 Jun 19 @ 3:36pm 
구매가 안되요?
Stardust Filter Jun 18 @ 9:51am 
Interesting, the fake 1,3% added to the AC: Unity rating was worth the reputational losses that Valve and Ubisoft suffered by demonstrating an unfair game and double standards? :Investigate_ESO:
Ghost of Bukowski Jun 18 @ 9:38am 
No doubt. Both paid and unpaid shills all abound.

It used to surprise me how users of a service, product, or brand could support a company censoring, implementing Lootbox, gambling mechanics and more, until I read this:

Because it enables company abuse, "Fanboyism" should have been a diagnose in APA DSM-5:

It's basically the consumer version of Stockholm syndrome or acceptance of an abusive partner - if you attack the bad service or product, fanboys experience a psychological brain defect, inferring that attack on the brand they "love" as an attack on them personally.

Case in point:
I USED to love Valve, but you'd have to be struck hard by "Fanboyism" to not see all the bad things they've pulled in recent years:
laff Jun 18 @ 7:43am 
Every suggestion or idea posted in the suggestions / ideas forum is shouted down by anti-social forum trolls with the backing of anti-social Steam moderators.

Try it for yourself.
Die Zahl Jun 17 @ 11:58am 
Censorship at its best <3
Burky Jun 17 @ 8:14am 
what are you trying to say?
🐉 Chesmu ☠ Jun 17 @ 2:32am 

Since the reviewers are not proven guilty of such harmful action, their reviews are considered legit. And imposing a penalty (Banning, Excluding the vote, Labeling, Warning, etc) against it is a violation of law:

"What does the Consumer Review Fairness Act prohibit?"
"imposes a penalty or fee against someone who gives a review "
🐉 Chesmu ☠ Jun 17 @ 2:31am 

Steam Describes:

"Review bombing is where players post a large number of reviews in a very compressed time frame, aimed at lowering the Review Score of a game. At the same time, they upvote each other's reviews and downvote all the other reviews."

"A review bomb is when a large amount of players use reviews to voice their unhappiness, lower a review score and provoke a response. "

"An anomalous change in volume and sentiment"

This is describing an organized group of users with a united harmful/ hostile goal. It's logically doesn't apply to a single individual.
Steam cannot accuse individual customers of being a part of harmful or organized group, and cannot take action against innocent, since they are not proven guilty of the accusation:

"The reviews during that period will be bucketed by Steam and identified as such by your customers."
laff Jun 15 @ 8:30pm 
Anti-social moderators delete posts that criticize the harassment of users who post feedback by resident forum trolls and Steam moderators.