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Curating Steam - Major Update to Steam Curators to Help Discovery on Steam

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noks Jan 15 @ 6:01pm 
Crashed Jan 13 @ 7:57am 
If non-owner reviews are purged then this will increase the amount of protests on the Sonic Mania forums, because the non-owner reviews are from users who refunded in protest over Denuvo/DRM.
Mickmane Jan 12 @ 8:44am 
Ah, yes, that kind of filtering I'd like a lot too. Like:
Turn based OR Turn based Strategy
Building OR City Builder OR Base Builder
Preferably: Managerial AND/OR Simulation
No fighting
No Action
Not an RPG. (Too bad people tend to add rpg tag for rpg elements, not just to outright rpgs.)

Searching for that manually I have to add and remove different tags to see what combination might work. (See my profile for what I'm looking for.)

With proper filter options, visibility of what one wants to see wouldn't be a problem, and what the press does doesn't really concern me, only those that look there for info.

Filtering stuff before it hits Steam removes visibility for those titles by 100% - what's not on Steam can't turn up in my searches or queue.

There's plenty games on Steam that I find rubbish, but that doesn't mean no one wants to play them, and I don't want someone else decide what I get to play on Steam, when their opinion is biased towards what I find rubbish.
Dani Jan 12 @ 8:29am 
@Mickmane: You can sort, but, as I said, you cannot FILTER by date range or price range. For example, right now you cannot search "a platformer game that was released in 2016, that is between $5 - $10, with review score above 90% and doesn't have puzzle elements". Steam's search and filtering engine is outdated.

And I would prefer some kind of game filtering before release, no doubt, from both consumer and developer point of view. In case you're interested, 7672 products were released in 2017 (21 per day, 147 per week, 630 per month!). One month in 2017 saw more releases than the whole 2013 year. It's harming mid-class games' visibility, consumers are perceiving a lowering of quality and the press simply can't adress so many releases.
Mickmane Jan 12 @ 5:26am 
Dani, sort by price and release date is one of the few things you can do with search results. I'd like an option to exclude types of games (by tags or some other criteria) in the search results.

I agree on needing a way to better find what I'm looking for, I doubt there's any curator that focusses on what I want to play (never mind no way to find even any who come close, or at least chuck those out of display on the store page when who don't interest me).

I don't think filtering games before they hit Steam is needed; it might lock out just what I want, and in the end, what no one wants, no one will buy.
Dani Jan 12 @ 4:58am 
Now that you have pleased YouTubers' circus, could you please do something for developers (those who make games) and players (those who pay for games)?

Customers should be able to find exactly what they want without having to follow anyone, so just give them better search tools and filters. At the moment, people cannot filter search results by date range nor price, for example.

Developers deserve a much more useful, comprehensive and clean review system. You're still allowing ultra low playtime reviews, one line reviews, reviews from people that don't own the game anymore (outdated reviews), offtopic content and toxicity against developers and against other users.

I personally think that nobody was claiming for a better Curators system. People were claiming for CURATION IN THE GAME SUBMISSION PIPELINE. It has been said thousand of times.
Matt66 Jan 8 @ 10:42pm 
Nice to see more of a focus on curators.
Noire Dec 23, 2017 @ 9:39am 
Crashed Dec 23, 2017 @ 8:50am 
If you have an issue with your own content being stolen, please go to
In addition here is a community-created guide on how to send a takedown notice to Valve:
Note the red box in the guide applies to me too.
Noire Dec 23, 2017 @ 2:23am 
Why does Steam improve the system of curators nothing does with the problem of theft and plagiarism reviews? I wrote reviews for several months and what it was like to find out that most of it was copied literally in a few days by another curator and receives subscribers at the same time. Is it normal? and how then to write reviews and earn an audience? I did not give permission for this. And it annoys me that Steam does not do anything about it.
My curator page
Pages stealing reviews