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Steam is no longer supporting Bitcoin

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FilthyCasual Apr 11 @ 11:17am 
Shows ignorance and immaturity on Valve's part. You wanted to be cutting edge? Good. But you didn't hire anybody who knew jack all about Bitcoin. It was never meant to handle high-volume payments, it can't. The primary blockchain is meant for bulk exchanges done in large transactions. You'd need another layer to use Bitcoin effectively with low fees.

A very very simple solution to this in the short-term would have been to restrict Bitcoin to Steam wallet refills of certain values while Valve looks for or creates a service to not bloat the blockchain with expensive transactions.

You're not without options, but you threw in the towel the INSTANT a new technology showed that it's volatile. You guys were the ONLY company I could point to as one that's trying, and you've effectively shown that corporations hire incompetent people who don't know jack all about computer sciences and give up.

It's just mind blowing how such a simple issue was a complete deal breaker for Valve.
Matt66 Mar 28 @ 9:58pm 
Bitcoin is a pyramid scheme.
Cloud Mar 23 @ 9:47pm 
What's the excuse now?
Hiver Mar 15 @ 8:21pm 
Bitpay has added Bitcoin Cash, making purchases with cryptocurrency feasible again. Baby come back. <3
Maeyanie Mar 6 @ 8:09am 
For what it's worth, Gamesplanet accepts Bitcoin payments, and a lot of their stuff is sold as Steam keys. But, the prices are in GBP, which can be quite a bit more expensive depending on your Steam currency.
Lil Sperm Squirt Feb 22 @ 5:59pm 
thats popped
bobby shmurda Feb 21 @ 1:45pm 
fees are down, please steam
dumpBikes Feb 21 @ 12:05pm 
Please add support for crypto-currencies so I can buy games again!
tal9000 Feb 18 @ 11:27pm 
Fees a low the last Days, PLS add Bitpay/Bitcoin Payment Again...
Or is there a secure Site to purchase steam gift cards?
Necros Feb 12 @ 9:54am 
Good job Steam. I did buy a lot of games with BTC and it was fun when fee crap and high volatility didn't exist like it does now. You guys made a wise decision.