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Steam Direct Now Available

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Frankiemiou 53 minutes ago 
brain 53 minutes ago 
In direct I have to spend $100 to list my game where on greenlight I had to pay that then wait an indeterminate amount of time while trolls would cause grief and I had to put serious money into marketing before I was even ready to sell. How was that fairer?

Plus I can even get back the hundred I spent on greenlight submission and that funds my direct fee, so what's not to like?
brain 56 minutes ago 
Really? What's with all the complaining?

If you put your heart and soul into making a game for everyone to enjoy, $100 is peanuts. I've spent more than that on assets and sound. My time for making the game if I were to put a price on it would be tens of thousands of dollars.

The tiny fee isn't bad and will discourage spamming the system with asset flipped trash games.

Greenlight was just a popularity contest and with all contests they can be abused and gamed. Making games and releasing them shouldn't be a game. It's alright for people with lots of contacts, networking and money to sink into a media campaign or something, but for first time developers direct is better.
proteinbeer 2 hours ago 
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China.han 18 hours ago 
Thiago -Malehaly 21 hours ago 
At some point, the purpose of this area on steam is to incentive new developers, at the same point you had the problem with a lot of bad games.
You should mantain two different areas on Steam Direct, one with the atual configuration to obtain the non-low-budget games and other similar to Greenlight. Indie game's don't bring confidence of return to who develop.
84131246 Aug 18 @ 3:17am 
i hope you will do better.i will always support you
✪Lightn1Ng ッ Aug 18 @ 3:07am