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Set fire to the wateeeeeer ♫

Hello everyone,

A short news to inform you of the latest patch pushed today in the beta branch. The 13.4 and 13.5 are coming with a bunch of balancing tweaks (quite a lot actually[]) and we would love to get your feedback on it..

Another thing: we're encountering some technical issues with the Linux build, so if you're playing on this platform, 1. Don't panic. 2. Send us a report so we can dig the problem and try to fix it.

To the windows users, please warn us if your antivirus thinks Dead Cells' binaries are virus; our security certificate has come to an end, we supposedly don't need another one, but you never know.

Quick memo on how to join the beta branch:
  • Go to your Steam game library
  • Right click on Dead Cells and click "properties"
  • Select the tab "Betas"
  • In the first dropdown box select "beta - "
  • Click close and wait for the upload to finish downloading
  • Start playing.

If you play with your save files in the beta version, you will not be able to use them in the stable version, until we push the beta branch out to the public.

If you are worried about losing you save then head over here: "steam\userdata\<ID>\588650\remote" and copy the files somewhere safe.

You can have one save slot dedicated to the beta branch and one to the old branch simultaneously, but you must revert to the stable branch to be able to use it.

We hope you will enjoy the new additions and changes the 13.4 brings to the table. In any case, don't hesitate to let us know here, on Reddit, on Discord or on Twitter!

The MT team.

Community Highlights:

Thanks to Rehbock who is drawing the adventures of Youkool and Gatlink coding Dead Cells. Always a pleasure to a new episode pop up! You can find more on these on the Dead Cells' Discord.

Cells by 神砂嵐.

"Intro Knight" by r/Brondips

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