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Hello everyone,

A quick news to inform you that we pushed in Alpha the 14th update thematically tied to around the bosses of Dead Cells. It adds 6 new mobs and seven weapons stolen on their still warm bodies. Hence, the name of the update!

A more detailed news will be coming before we go in Beta, but in the meantime, we prefer letting the surprise to the brave alpha testers out there. Let's wish them luck!

Of course, it also comes with the usual batch of QoL, bugs fixing and balancing tweaks.

If you have any feedback for us, please don't feel shy and contact us or discuss with other players through the dedicated community channels listed below.

The MT Team

Official Discord[discordapp.com]
Official Reddit
Motion Twin Twitter
Dead Cells' Facebook [fr-fr.facebook.com]

Community Highlights

Dead Cells' Castle level in Mario Maker 2, by Docteur_Khalbut (LT3-S09-H4G)

Gigantus' sauna, and the Hand of the King by @_audejavel.

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