Exposure - Patch Notes

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Willy McBride Mar 8 @ 6:11pm 
Having a lot of issues finding derelict stations. Seems like the spawn is so low
-=PB=-PhelixPhoenix Mar 8 @ 5:03pm 
Great update. I really like everything you've added and fixed here....however....

Within 30 minutes of starting the single player campaign in this new update I have had 3 crashes, one of which threw a registry error and actually crashed my entire OS.

As I've said here before, please focus on fixing these game breaking bugs. Having to restart and lose progress in this game every 10 minutes is quite unacceptable, especially this late in the development process.

Here's hoping for a brighter tomorrow under the Hellion sun.

Mar 8 @ 7:32am 
Again another unplayable mess by an incompetent developer. Sad.
Psycho__99 Mar 7 @ 6:16pm 
Damn I love that shredder, no more painfully complicated procedure do disassemble stuff.
Sadly Driller is now buggy and removing the attached canister render me unable to perform any task.
ShadowKoneko :3 Mar 7 @ 4:51pm 
awsome stuff... still cant get past the beginning though >.>
MadSin Mar 7 @ 11:36am 
Guys! Need to hotfix! Out of sync and left! The most important problem remained! Alarm!)
Joker Mar 7 @ 11:17am 
Thank you DEVS!
Nysch Mar 7 @ 10:49am 
You call: Replaced random modules spawning around planets and moons with junkyards
An Improvement? Sorry but where are we supposed to get extra modules for our outposts now?

Otherwise Love the Changes - But that one seems like a deal breaker...
Fred Hawken Mar 7 @ 10:13am 
Awesome! I love Hellion, Great update!