Devblog #47 - Space Radiation and Armor

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2ugly Feb 19 @ 6:36pm 
Ah..Now I get what Numenorean is saying. I didn't in his post. Can't argue with that. And many would agree. But the game is what it is. In my book it's good at what it's doing. I'd love to have the complete sim experience in space, but we are still waiting on that game. Where it's at....I'd like to know. Lunar Flight was a little gem of a sim. But that's as close to one aspect of a incomplete package for a major title. Space Engineers, SC, ED, X4, and all the others just don't do space right. Hellion does a good job in a small package, and it's going to get better...eventually.
Numenorean Feb 14 @ 5:29pm 
I have nothing against complex games, but either you make it complex as a simulator, or you allow to turn on and off "bothersome features". Exactly like you turn on and off help in a driving or flight sim. All serios racing sim players and flight sim players must be so stupid, right? They play a game that is not hard for the sake of it, but only as hard as you want it to be.
Numenorean Feb 14 @ 5:26pm 
Mister No, I play complex games that are real games, like DCS. If you can turn on any plane in DCS without stumble, then we are talking about hard games. This game was interesting, and with a good dose of realism, but as usual, it is realistic only for the sake of hiding the shortcomings in game design. If you like to be "challenged" by nonsensical reasoning for something to happen, and grind until your fingers go numb, collecting stuff, and find that engaging, that's OK, but please, avoid to use the term "complex". If you want to see something complex in space, go check out Orbiter or some other real space sims made by NASA; not a game made by 10 people.
Wildman Feb 13 @ 9:06pm 
Sounds like an awesome update! Can't wait to drop even more hours on my playlog! Good job guys!
Zorz Feb 13 @ 12:25pm 
@mister no

interesting comment ^^

nice that u dont have an answer too ^^

adding different suits to the game would be much better than just have the same 2 old suits in different colors. or not?

waiting for more suits and clothes since years and still we have the same both ^^ (ok different color, wow ^^)
Crazy-Phishka Feb 13 @ 7:45am 
Give Russian Language !!!
Mister No Feb 13 @ 7:31am 
Some comments are pathetic really: Like why the hell someone created lower tire suits extra in different color? Omg, really nothing to add. Being developer is really really though job.
Mister No Feb 13 @ 2:44am 
@Numenorean You dont like complex games, why did you bought it? There are tone of peoples bored with ordinary games like me. I like my mind to be challenged, i want to be even more harder and more realistic. For god sake, if it wasnt complex which it isnt, then people would cry it is driving simulator or what so ever. Check the youtube before purchasing game what is all about dont cry how it is hard. It is made for me, and many others out there. Problem is many people like me does not know about this game. I just found it by accident. Cant wait to see future development.
Mister No Feb 13 @ 2:39am 
@MadSin Why are you crying on EA game sir? End of economy? What economy? You said you can go to some station unload everything from cargo and take to your home - end of the game! It is for laugh. Do you think one day if player base grows which i hope for, you will be only one scavenging resources. I guess most of them will be already scavenged. I just dont get people that buy the game and never check youtube videos what is all about. Instad of crying how hard it is, or some stupid things. If you dont like hard games go play tetris. Thank you Devs for this great game.
GreenBeing Feb 12 @ 5:30pm 
I love the direction that you guys are taking the game!