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Folks, just a little longer until the next update. Thank you for your patience! Most systems for the new Campaign Mode are in place, as you can see in the video below:

What I'm going to do the next couple of days is create the content, i.e. the levels and tutorials. Here's what's coming:

  • Complete levels to unlock special abilities, gain ability charges and access to more levels.
  • Each level can present you with a variety of objectives and limitations. ( along with custom-tailored enemy waves of increasing difficulty as you progress in the campaign).
  • Configure your starting loadout: assign charges to your favorite special abilities or the ones that are most effective to complete the current objective.
  • Side-grading options for Arcade and Co-op Modes: unlock additional starting slots for each special ability and redistribute the fixed number of available charges as it pleases you. These unlocks are persistent once you've acquired them by beating the corresponding campaign levels once.

Some objective examples:
-Reach Wave Level x
-Get a Multiplier of x
-Survive x secs
-Score x points

Limitation examples:

-Time Limit
-Deadly Walls
-Never die (i.e. don't lose any avatars)

Also planned (but may be part of a later update):
  • Online leaderboards based on campaign completion time (separate leaderboards for 100% levels and any percentage)

Alright, back to work... :-D
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