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Hello everyone!

It's been a while since OVRdrop has had an update, and I'm sure many of you are wondering where the updates are.

When I first started OVRdrop, I never expected for it to be an actual product. I just started out messing with SteamVR, and OVRdrop just sort of happened. Because of this, a lot of core systems are not written to be optimized, so OVRdrop is missing out on some performance tricks it could otherwise benefit from. Additionally, OVRdrop was never really built for the future - that is, with upgrades and updates in mind.

OVRdrop can be better; You deserve better; And I've been working behind the scenes to rebuild OVRdrop from the ground up into the product it always should have been. Unfortunately, a lot of the systems are dependent on one another, so the new version of OVRdrop is not ready for a public release, and I don't have an exact ETA on the release of the new version.

However, I can tell you some of the things I've been working on, and hope to have in the next major versions of OVRdrop:
  • Completely rebuilt SteamVR implementation - OVRdrop should be more stable, handle controller identification better, and handle the SteamVR API in a more robust fashion.
  • OVRdrop's core systems rebuilt from the ground up - The new systems will be more robust and written with future extensibility in mind.
  • Dashboard Overlay integration - OVRdrop should be able to be configured from within VR / OVRdrop's Overlay should be able to become a Dashboard Overlay.
  • A new Capture API - The new Capture API will be able to capture most background and minimized windows.
  • Multi-Overlay Support - OVRdrop should be able to clone in multiple applications. This is dependent on rebuilding the core systems and the new Capture API.
I'm still planning to fix any major bugs that pop up in the current version of OVRdrop, and I'm not against adding new features; However, since I'm rebuilding OVRdrop from the ground up I'll have to reimplement any features that I implement now, so I've been putting a heavy priority on the new version to save time in the long run.

I want to thank everyone for the patience you've had with me during this time. I know it seems like I haven't been working on OVRdrop, but please know I am working behind the scenes to make OVRdrop great again <3.

I am still available for troubleshooting or bug reports at any time. You can post on our Steam Forums, post an issue or feature request on our GitHub[], or contact me directly through the contact form on OVRdrop's Homepage[].
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