Insurgency: Sandstorm

Insurgency: Sandstorm


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LIGHTNING Team GSG 9 Nov 8 @ 6:57pm 
I absolutely agree to @West !
The best FPS game i played which offers very immersive war atmosphere.
The sound is fantastic and weapaons finally have perfect recoil.
For me game runs between 60-85 FPS depending on situation ( mainly around 75-80 )

Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit
CPU : Core-i7 @ 3,9 GHZ
GPU : GTX 780 Ti ( 2 GB RAM )
SSD 512 GB
Installed : Razer Cortex ( Software that boosts PC for higher FPS -- disables any application running in backround so there is less load on CPU + RAM )

Every graphic setting on low ( exception : ragdoll count on high )
Still game looks good ( at least i am satisfied with it )

Thank you NWI !
West Nov 8 @ 5:28pm 
So glad I pre orderd this game, ive been scared from pre ordering horrible games in the past but I am a big fan of this insurgency, the devs and team working this game are amazing, it runs like silk, best shooter I have played in a long time. If your hezitent about pre ordering this game. Let me encourage you by saying, this game is ***** lit af. Hands down could be released today if they wanted to but they havnt because they care that much more to have the game even more polished for its full release, big kudos. Buy this game!
SaltySaulitude Nov 8 @ 1:36pm 
it is out
wimunc24 Nov 8 @ 12:41pm 
on its way
RyanE228 Nov 8 @ 12:39pm 
Where's the update?!
kleinwelka19820707 Nov 8 @ 12:33pm 
Hab keine Digitalen Plattformen. Hab hier, Colin MCRae rally 2.0, Rally Championship Xtreme, Rally Trophy auf Deutsch, Richard Burns Rally und MotoGP. Alles Original Isos und Moto GP Original auf CD-Rom. Mach ausschliesslich nur Desktopauflösung 1280x1024. 980ichill Ultra+Powercolor Powerjack. Benq XL2420T 144HZ. Mit nvidia inspector kenne ich mich bestens aus.
Mr.Robot_fsociety Nov 8 @ 12:29pm 
I was enjoying this instead!
SvajniMF Nov 8 @ 12:18pm 

35m35 minutes ago
We're currently working hard putting the final touches together on today's update, but after a long day it's almost done!
bilorotti Nov 8 @ 12:15pm 
Just confess that the update is not yet ready!
omgHooch Nov 8 @ 11:22am 
‏ @insurgencygame
3h3 hours ago

We know everyone is excited for the new update. We're just finishing some last minute testing before the release later today. Until then, grab a drink and relax!