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Insurgency: Sandstorm is a team-based, tactical FPS based on lethal close quarters combat and objective-oriented multiplayer gameplay. Experience the intensity of modern combat where skill is rewarded, and teamwork wins the fight.

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Today we announce the release of update version 1.2 for Insurgency: Sandstorm. This includes many changes from last weeks CTE, including a new map, new game mode, two new weapons, plus numerous bug fixes, changes, and optimizations. You can read some of the key highlights below or view the full changelog[] on our website.

New Content
  • New map “Outskirts” playable in Firefight, Push, Checkpoint, Team Deathmatch, and Hardcore Checkpoint.

  • New official Coop game mode Hardcore Checkpoint
    • Movement speed is significantly reduced. Enemies are harder. Friendly teammate indicators only show when a teammate is nearby. Objective indicators are hidden in the HUD.
    • If you die, you will respawn with a Mosin bolt-action rifle and Makarov pistol. You must resupply at a Supply Crate to get your Loadout.
    • There are only two Supply Crates. One will spawn on a random objective, the other will always spawn on the final objective. You can only resupply once on a Supply Crate. Small Ammo Boxes will give some ammunition for the weapons you are carrying.

  • New Weapons
    • M82A1 CQ anti-materiel sniper rifle for Security Marksman class.
    • M99 anti-materiel sniper rifle for Insurgent Marksman class.
    • M2HB .50 Cal mounted machine gun for Security vehicles.


  • New Cosmetics
    • Balaclava and neck gaiter Facewear cosmetics for Security faction.
    • New skull pattern for Insurgent balaclavas.
    • M90F camouflage for Security.
    • Cloth gloves for Insurgents.

New Features
  • Class Loadouts can now be customized on the main menu through the Customize button.
  • Enabled voting to kick players on official matchmaking servers.
  • Overhauled community server browser to support favorites, showing empty and full servers, passworded servers, minimum and maximum player filtering, filter reset, search box and better sorting options.
  • Bots will now randomly select all of their loadouts, including weapon attachments.
  • Updates to the helicopter damage models:
    • The top and tail rotor can be destroyed with anti-materiel rifles.
    • Pilots, co-pilots and door gunners can be killed via normal weaponry or an anti-materiel rifle if behind a windscreen or metal plating.
  • Ammo Carrier vests and backpacks can now be customized with different colors and camouflages. See the “Equipment” slot in Appearance under the Customize menu.
  • Dust kickup particles now play when weapons are fired while prone on appropriate surfaces.
  • Added support for storing key bindings and various other settings that are system-agnostic in the Steam Cloud.
  • Local Play is now accessible if you’re offline and unable to sign into New World services.
  • Appearance menu improvements:
    • Different Ammo Carrier and Armor Loadout options can now be previewed on your character.
    • Your character can now be rotated.
  • Upgrade to Unreal Engine 4.22:
    • Upgrading to the latest version of Unreal Engine was a large task, however it was a necessary part of optimizing the console versions, and will enable greater performance and development possibilities in the future for all versions of Insurgency: Sandstorm including PC.

  • Implemented skeletal mesh merging to reduce CPU overhead of character animation.
  • Implemented UE4 4.22 animation budget allocator to reduce CPU overhead of character animation.
  • Disabled tessellation by default due to a higher than intended GPU cost, it may still be manually enabled.
  • Optimized particle overdraw by implementing particle cutout textures.
  • Fixed certain UI elements incorrectly performing tick logic after being closed.
  • Optimized update frequency of world soundscape actors.
  • Optimized logic, physics, and animation performance impact of helicopter air support.
  • Reduced concurrent particle impact effect limits.

Visual Improvements
  • Character movement interpolation improvements; characters will no longer jitter when moving in third person close to the camera.
  • Fixed broken terrain shadows on low settings.
  • Facial hair improvements on low quality settings.
  • Holographic sights reticle has been improved for better target acquisition and clarity.
  • Tweaked reticle brightness values for the 1x Red Dot, 1.5x PK-AS and 1x OKP-7 sights.
  • Weapons with extended magazines and belts will now display correctly in the Loadout menu.
  • New special animations for performing an Ammo Check while deployed.
  • New first person deployed crawl animations.
  • New third person prone deployed reload animations for MGs.
  • Adjusted first person sprint animation speeds to better match footstep sounds.
  • Reduced the playrate of first person rifle sprint animations to improve their look.
  • Improve the synchronization between first and third person leaning animation.
  • Improved melee and knife animations.
  • Cosmetic visual improvements:
    • Updated Very Dark skin tone to be more visually different than the Dark skin tone.
    • Updated long sleeve button down dirt mix.
    • Update on roughness of most gloves.
  • User Interface
    • Reduced size profile of team score element on spectator UI.
    • Improved the alignment of the create party icon.
  • Added a black variant of the 4x SU230 which shows on darker weapons.

Plus much more...
You can view the full changelog on our official website:

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