Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

PC Version Release Update and Progress Report

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Tac0rener 7 hours ago 
I hope the translation into Russian will be?
Hanzo Nov 17 @ 11:49am 
I rather wait then you guys releasing a half a** game with lots of broken sh**, so take your time guys, no need to worry.
Hikari.ws Nov 16 @ 5:46pm 
Ok. It's good to see you state the issues you're having, and not releasing a broken PC ***port***.

But you shouldn't port the game to begin with. You should develop the game for a multiplatform environment, testing it equally for all platforms. It's clear that your developers have no to little experience in PC game development, and didn't care to hire experiences professionals and neither to test the game on PC during development.

Basicly you developed the game for PS4, and left for last few weeks to see how it'd run on PC. Only then you noticed how far the game was from good ported and only after releasing on PS4 you started seriously working to port it.

It's better than not release it to PC. It's better than leaving a willingly broken game as Resident Evil HD Remaster. It's better to release it broken and fix later. But please improve your team to enhance your multiplatform commitment.
Saurok963 Nov 16 @ 4:30pm 
Thank you for not releasing a broken PC port. This is worth waiting for, in my opinion.

And mad respect for acknowledging the issues and communicating about them honestly. I really respect the transparency. Definitely a developer that I want to support.
DAOWAce Nov 16 @ 12:55pm 
Good PC version = worth the wait.

Please make sure 21:9 support is included.

Having feedback from Durante also sounds like a damn good sign that this port should be good, so here's hoping it actually is! Maybe get Kaldaien's feedback too, he's also very knowledgeable and is doing damn fine work at fixing up numerous games without access to source codes.
mORTEN81 Nov 15 @ 3:09pm 
Thanks for committing to making a good PC port. It's much appreciated! It takes guts to admit that it wasn't where it was supposed to be and changing the release date at such a late hour.
牛鳖.卡璐璐 Nov 15 @ 2:21am 
shinobu Nov 14 @ 9:12am 
YuukiSatou Nov 13 @ 2:32pm 
2018 now. ahaha ... hell no.
I'm currently playing it on ps4 right now. keep waiting and the day when this game release for pc I won't be able to play game anymore. not when I got my hand full of full time job. because currently I still schooling still have time to gaming but not next year.
dfjhoho Nov 13 @ 3:59am