Update 19/7/2019

37 Rate up
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Rayboy Aug 6 @ 5:22pm 
also when i go to an arena, i can only see certain things but the floor dissapears
Rayboy Aug 6 @ 5:18pm 
add multiplayer and steam workshop for weapons and/or areas
RoboTree Jul 25 @ 6:10pm 
Yeah, how do you access the Hand Cannons? I've defeated all the challengers and there doesn't seem to be anything left to achieve.
MegaNate Jul 25 @ 2:07pm 
after the update the game wont even turn on for me it wont load i try using my computer to load and doing it inside my oculus rift S
James Karet Jul 25 @ 5:16am 
please.. bring back holding grip to move. not holding touch pad to move....
Axonz Jul 21 @ 2:59pm 
what happen to the option to remap the garb movement button to the side grip on original vive controller? i played this so much it broke my track pad button, that remap option was a life saver.
Starscream Jul 20 @ 8:07pm 
The bindings still dont work. Says older version. reverts to default.. cant edit binding.. if I do.. says older.. reverts to default... repeat... for the love of all that is good, I just need to widen the dead zone for the joysticks.
Haynus Jul 20 @ 12:21pm 
I can't find the toggle hold button with the WMR controller. I've tried the trigger, the main button, the menu button (which it used to be), clicking the analog sticks, and combinations of them, nothing activates a permanent hold. Anyone else having the same issue?
pherron Jul 20 @ 7:27am 
Why is windows mixed reality no longer compatible? I have played this game almost since release without a hitch with my Windows Mixed Reality VR setup. After the new update, I tried to play the game but discovered that it was no longer compatible with my setup. I just wish that compatibility will come out in a later update so I can play the game that I have been supporting since the start.
zachboris Jul 20 @ 3:59am 
I can't seem to get the hand cannons, does anyone have a fix to this?