Dev Letter: Rank System Beta

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Sirre Oct 14 @ 3:49pm 
This new rank system is a joke, it's a total GRINDFEST. It rewards playing A LOT and while in the old system it would pretty fast find out where you belong this new one is simply designed to make people play more games.
Spoopy Snoopy Pancakes Oct 10 @ 7:09pm 
I remember using the flare and then instantly dieing because 5 squads showed up in cars and I was solo squading.
starlord56218 Oct 10 @ 5:34am 
lol, rank system for a broken game....
its like sunglasses for a blind man
Chandrix Oct 9 @ 4:16pm 
This system is trash.
Now for scale at ranking you just need to play like an idiot about 10 hours at day, without barely matter your position and your skill.
Before you could play like 100 games at month and if u r good and take nice positions (usually top 10) being a good player you are going to be in the position that you deserve, not like now when all top 100 players have an average position of 30-40 and 200 hours played.
Easykill78 Oct 8 @ 5:19pm 
bring back server selection. as of right now i am being matched with europe and america. eu gives me 400ms ping and america 220ms. unplayable. otherwise as the laws in my country pertain i will be persuing a full refund of this game. that has totally broken the game for me. with no clue other than lag for which server i am on.
AiNighteR Oct 8 @ 5:14pm 
transformation to pubg mobile ?
Oct 8 @ 9:14am 
What's the point? Shoot them 10 times but they didn't die. Shoot me one die and i die instantly.
Shoot through doors and walls. What's the point of walking when they can see you?
Blimbing Oct 7 @ 9:13pm 
idiot dev
kjwjiwon Oct 7 @ 11:39am 
bring back server selection
Innocent Dog Oct 6 @ 5:54pm 
I think some transparency was needed about matchmaking in the patch notes, this is the most upsetting thing, explain why you remove features, that could have avoided alot of backlash..

when I joined first time I was playing with 3 people from diffenet language and 150 ping, 80+ of what i used to have, how do you expect people to react? I never got this before.

explain when you do big changes, this was your worst mistake.

another thing, your ranking system needs to be adjusted,
if someone landed school killed 8 people, then died by one person camping the washroom, died rank 60, this camper stayed until top 10, didnt kill anyone but got killed, I bet his score is higher than the first guy.. this encourages people to camping instead of playing fair, fix this..