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Hi everyone, I really want to stress how thankful we are for the reception we have gotten through full launch. We know that it hasn't been all roses though. Lots of you have very valid complaints, mostly about the user interface. We have addressed a LOT of those concerns over the past month. Everything from scaling and tutorial issues to data presentation quirks has been adjusted to make the game more palatable for you.

Chris spent a ton of time combing through all the posts, reviews, and discord chats.. compiling all the feedback into a massive spreadsheet. He then used this to prioritize things that came up most frequently. By far the biggest complaints were about the UI. We grossly underestimated how negatively people felt about the UI in early access and we apologize, but I think we've made very big improvements!! If you haven't' checked the game out since it launched in May, have a look, it's a very different experience from a UI perspective.

Another frequent complaint he saw was the tutorials. We put links to the video tutorial in-game since most people have seemed to prefer that format. Perhaps in the future, we will create a new tutorial, or maybe just expand on the video tutorial format.

We closed a number of exploits, added a large amount of missing text from the translations, made some pretty significant balance changes where needed. We've also added 11 technologies to the tech tree in the past month since many of you were working through all the new techs much faster than anticipated! Finally, we also removed the company hangars as they really were not working out as originally designed. The purpose they were supposed to serve can be filled by simply over-delivering cargo to a planet directly.

I think all of this adds up to a hugely improved experience! If you agree, please take a moment leave us a review here on Steam. It helps us a ton and we really got quite hammered at launch with negative reviews due to some of these issues. Hopefully everything is headed in the right direction!
Thanks again for your continued support!!

A pretty small patch here today for 1.0.4 Please let us know if you run into any issues or have any suggestions.

-Added ability for drones to auto supply dilithium fuel
-Balance changes to luxuries production and production boost from robotics
-More balance changes to pirates and security stations
-Fixed a number of issues with filters
-Number of improvements to AI building of industries
-Added even more missing strings to improve translations
-Many other small UI tweaks, bug fixes and improvements
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