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AI War 2

AI War 2 v0.816 Released! "Aggressive Busting and Stacking"

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x-4000 (Chris Park)  [developer] Mar 26 @ 12:49pm 
It definitely has not hit the fan, but I also underestimated when I thought it would be just one week. It's been a pretty massive undertaking but it seems worth it.

Regarding the cloaking thing with stacks, that's worth throwing on mantis for later... but given savegames will be busted for a little while, it's going to be better to post that later on, I think.
CarlTheSpud Mar 17 @ 12:04pm 
2 days from losing a week, did it hit the fan? Is the fan OK?
■ Phero Tyrian Mar 14 @ 2:47pm 
Thanks for the update, little thing I noticed though:

Not sure if it was a feature of stacks before, but stacks of cloaked ships re-cloaking when the ship on the top of the stacks dies is sort of janky IMO. Given that all the ships in the stack get to fire but only the top one gets de-cloaked for it I'm not sure if this is an exploit or a feature.

Stacks of 7 space planes essentially get an average of 140 total shots from stealth per stack :P
Spacehamster Mar 6 @ 6:38am 
Thank you!