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New daily beta build!

So what's new?

1. All relating to Zenith Onslaught, 44 more achievements have been added to Steam.

2. Achievements should now work vastly better on multiplayer clients, and this paves the way toward a few other MP data changes that should benefit the MP experience soon.

3. You can no longer click outside of the gravity well to give funky invalid orders to your ships that also then cause save errors. Additionally, the cursor now follows you smoothly around the edge of the gravity well when you are out of bounds.

4. Unit rotations are remembered when you save and load, and units can be set to spin, or to face the target they are firing at, and a variety of things like that. The effect with all turrets is not perfect, but that's because of a baked in offset on them. The xml tools exist for anyone to fix the effect so that it's perfect, but I won't have time to do that one myself. Lots going on!

5. Huge amount of rework on the systems attached to units. There have been ongoing problems with them since we started pooling units in the last week or so. Those problems should all be solved now, knock on wood.

6. Some multi-threading things have been made so they work better and an accidental modder trap has been removed (after I found a Badger caught in there; I didn't even mean to arm the thing).

7. A bug in recent builds made it so that Humanity Ascendant was the only mode you could play, but now you can play Challenger or Expert or Deathwish or Sandbox properly again.

8. There's one very strange bug related to the "fake unit" that we are still chasing, and it's demonstrably not fixed but should give me much more informative error messages so that I can fix it tomorrow.

More to come soon.

P.S. - It's my goal at this point to really get multiplayer that final bit done so that it's not in a beta state anymore. My hope is over the next couple of weeks for that to happen.

P.P.S. That way it's plenty in advance of the October DLC, which will be the final DLC for the game, paired with an AI War 2 Complete Edition. I'll still have some pretty frequent releases into November as I wrap up the last of the kickstarter items, and anything else that needs bugfixing. My plan is then do do light occasional features and fixes after that point, and to keep mod updates that people do getting pushed out to the full audience, but that will mark the end of the main era of AI War 2 development. For financial and family health reasons, I need to make a change, and I'm also really looking forward to working on new projects -- as well as ending this one on a really super high note, since the game has had something of a renaissance lately. (Those volunteers and such who know more about this situation should feel free to speak freely except on the health matters, for anyone who has questions.)

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