Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II

Release Date and Beta Info

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CRAN1AL_COCKF1GHT 1 hour ago 
@Lord Bile. I hope they make some tweaks to the game speed. The first BFGA felt incredibly Arcady. If they slow down the game a lil bit i think the battles will feel much more epic and enjoyable. There is a reason why games like Total war Warhammer have extended battle mods etc etc to make combat at a large scale more authentic.
Lord Bile Nov 9 @ 2:25pm 
I agree totaly with CRANAL1AL. Im not spending a dime until I see some gameplay. I want to see ARMADA's of ships, not a 5 ship pew-pew game. I tried to enjoy the last game, but I just couldnt get into the way it looked and felt. It was like moving around little 40k rubber duckies that spit lasers and not a Space battle epic. Happy that fleet sizes are being increased, but to what size? And I hope this one feels better then the last.
Blade Paw Nov 5 @ 11:17pm 
A littles P.O.ed about there wording "The first beta will take place in early December" unfortnutely thats not the first beta' theyve alredy had a beta not htat theyve dose a good job comunating that it was even a thing at all, they delay the game (understandable) but then they say we will get the first beta , BUT THEN SILETNELY DO A CLOSED BETA ( NOT ACCEPTABLE) what they should have said is the first "PREORDER BETA" NOT "THE FIRST BETA":steamsalty::steamsalty::steamsalty:
CRAN1AL_COCKF1GHT Nov 5 @ 2:01pm 
Roach Those 2 DLCs and extra factions wont mean jack or♥♥♥♥♥♥if Tindalos hasnt made some serious improvments to the OG formula and fixing some serious design flaws with the game. There is a reason why the first BFGA 1 did so poorly and i can tell you it stems from the guts of that game. I wish the devs best of luck but i aint pre ordering until i see concrete gameplay.
Nexus Nov 4 @ 6:23pm 
@Roarch // think many of us didnt complain about the price,the quality and so on......i think the most problem was since the first game the Communication from the DEVs. dont want to go into details now but there was long and often times where many of us was thinking, did they still live ? Why this close cancel before september really close , i beleive it was 1 day before September or fromt he first beta i didnt know something but nice to see the infos now on steam also. Maybe they Communicate now little bit more on more plattforms. I like the first game, ive pre ordered since Month already the second game and so on but pls DEVs communicate more with us, its one of the part for Success.
Asmundr Nov 3 @ 1:15pm 
Super keen to dive into this. Take your time! Looking forward to campaign :steamhappy:
BSR Nov 1 @ 1:41pm 
I would rather have it the way they are going now instead of a rushed and broken release...
Go Tindalos, I will be awaiting the new and bigger fleets in all their Glory.
R☉Λ¢H // Oct 28 @ 1:00pm 
Nice move ! To all the guys complaining: just think for one second, u basically pay for the price of 2 DLCs and get a fullfledged game with 6 extra factions, 3 new campaigns and tons of extra content and updated graphics on top. Now compare this to the sell policies of AAA publishers or Paradox for example... These guys are doing it right and ur still complaining, i cant understand.

btw, companies like these are the ones who need their games to be financially succesful the most, and they still are not half as greedy.

+++ Hard work conquers everything. +++
Commissioner Cain Oct 26 @ 1:22pm 
Почемуже не зделать 3 на 3???
Agent Waurshington Oct 25 @ 7:09pm 
also to those angry about the delay, your morons, but i guess there needs to be morons to make others look smarter.

also your probs gonna be the same people complaining about how the game is "broken" on release and that they should of delayed it instead of releasing it in october.

Im lucky to live in the US, but even i know the pains of not being able to play a game that isnt translated in my language, so devs do ignore the moron below saying skip language packs.

Everyone, even the village idiots, deserves to play this great game :) i panic preordered the game before the announcement but i do not regret it one bit.

on a side note, i was hoping we could get some sort of controllable fighter squadron mechanic like from Starwars Empire at war.