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In celebration of the upcoming Chaos Campaign Expansion, we're excited to announce the Massive Fleets Tournament!

With only four players going head to head in the Massive Fleets mode, this is both the smallest and most massive tournament yet!

Our four Admirals are four of the best BFG2 players in the world:

Jamodon - Necron
7x BS Cairn
1x LC Khopesh
6x ES Jackal

Carcer - Adeptus Astartes
3x T Macragges Honour
1x BS Battle Barge MK. I
2x BS Battle Barge MK. II
5x ES Nova
1x ES Gladius

Solaire - Chaos
1x T Vengeful spirit
3x T Blackstone fortress
4x ES Iconoclast

Imperates - Ork
1x T Space Hulk
9x BS Deadnot Ordzgargdaka
4x C Big Roks
7x ES Onslaught
4x ES Savage

To commentate the three matches, we're proud to welcome AirsickHydra and Enter Elysium.

Schedule and Tournament Structure
Match One: June 21 16:00 CEST
Imperates vs. Jamodon

Match Two: June 22 19:00 CEST
Solaire vs. Carcer

Match Three: June 23 19:00 CEST
?? vs. ??

The matches are not shown live, but you can view them as soon as they are published by keeping an eye on our Youtube and Twitter accounts.

Thank you, and may the best Admiral win!
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