The Bard's Tale IV

The Bard's Tale IV

Hotfix 3.1 is live

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UncleYar Nov 19 @ 4:32pm 
So, how's the promised legacy mode coming along?
Mr Glass Nov 19 @ 9:28am 
nice , more than one month and still no patches
Son Of Nitrous Nov 2 @ 10:28am 
Soooooo? Where's pathches?????????
Aero Oct 31 @ 5:02am 
A tiny, but very annoying bug: Dead End beeing in Group Modify-Dialog in Adv. Guild. Canceld my Group Mod using ESC, ende in the Question "how you wanna change your group" -> "Next"-CTA. CTA doesnt work / opens the dialog. Tried once, had to ALT+F4 to come out of that. Thankfully i saved lately enough so i dont miss too much.
SASA-ПАПА Oct 29 @ 11:33pm 
Разочарование года. Где патчи???
Scribbles Oct 29 @ 11:49am 
everyone is still having issues. are you serious? jesus christ, inexile. everything I've played of yours has honestly just been either mediocre or bad. I think I'm done with your company.
Son Of Nitrous Oct 28 @ 3:30pm 
Respec, please.
matogl0396 Oct 27 @ 10:44am 
Now that it's been a few weeks since the last update, it would be nice to hear plans/timeline for next steps. Here are some of the biggest issues I'm aware of:

* Inventory sort
* Controller support
* Interactive map (mouse-over, custom notes, etc.)
* Respec (not a big deal to me personally, but heavily requested)
* Baed skill point bug
* "Legacy mode" / grid movement (I can't imagine how this will work, but you did promise...)

Some additional thoughts I've had while playing:

* Additional skill slots every 10 levels or so would be nice? 4 works ok, but more would be better to make characters a little more versatile/adaptable.
* I would personally also like to see a better character sheet with clear info on name, level, gender, race, class (including capstone skills), etc. I feel like the inventory tab that currently exists is somewhat lacking in detail and clarity.

I'm at ~ 70 hours now, working on Iwon Rheg. One of the best games I've ever played. A hidden gem. A modern classic.
Channel5 Gaming Oct 25 @ 11:02am 
To add to my last comment. I just noticed Fiona is also missing her 2 skill points as a Baed human.... sad :(

I'm really in love with this game. But I find myself restarting because of build errors that I cannot correct, or because the game has some bugs / flaws like these.

I have OCD with making perfect parties, and this becomes a huge problem for me... :(

Essentially this would be my game of the year and one of my all time favorite RPG's if it only had a freaking Respec and Baed humans weren't bugged losing their bonus points...

Devs! Please fix this, I like this game, but I want to LOVE it! :)
Channel5 Gaming Oct 25 @ 10:07am 
Please fix mercenary Bead - Humans not receiving their bonus skill points!

A respec option would also be greatly appreciated.