Phantom Doctrine

Phantom Doctrine

Phantom Doctrine Full Clearance Update 1.1 granted!

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Creeper Delta Mar 16 @ 5:09pm 
Does this turd still have that silly 100% accuracy rate?
Comrade Kemosabe Feb 27 @ 1:13pm 
BloodMist, you were joking, right? Claiming that February to August (XCOM 2's release & 50% off dates) is longer than August to February (PD's dates). Which is just so hilariously dumb (LOL honestly you crack me up!) that it had to be a joke, yeah?



It was a joke, wasn't it? I mean, you don't actually think that a 6 month period earlier in the year is longer than another 6 months later in the year, right? haha That would just be... Embarrassing.

But, you're not that du...


Oh no.

Oh dear god.

You were serious, weren't you? Oh yeah. Yeah. You were. I see it now. I am so sorry.
Lashley93 Feb 27 @ 9:32am 
@Aussie Dragon whining on the steam forums about steam sales? You're a ♥♥♥♥ing clown
BloodMist Feb 26 @ 10:55pm 
August was not a year ago. Or even close to it. Read up on how the Gregorian calendar works. But anyway, the decent console sales arrive about a couple of months after a decent sale on Steam, just about every time, so look for them then.
DDK1NG Feb 26 @ 6:48pm 
Do the modding can change the no RNG system to a RNG system?
Aussie Dragon Feb 26 @ 5:15pm 
yet another steam sale.. WHERE!! THE!! HELL!! IS!! THE!! CONSOLE!! SALE!!. if you game developers have shares im going to buy them all just so i can make a CONSOLE SALE and earn 100's and thousands of $$$
Comrade Kemosabe Feb 26 @ 11:19am 
BloodMist, XCOM 2 went half off about 6 months after release. It took this game nearly a year. How about that? #NumbersHowDoTheyWorkDotJPEG
BloodMist Feb 26 @ 10:43am 
Hahaha, yeah this game is not as good as the XCOM series, don't kid yourself. That is it's main problem, and it's already got it's first 50 percent off sale, how about that.
Cahos Rahne Veloza Feb 24 @ 9:04pm 
Also if 100% hit chance pisses you off, then you'll probably NOT enjoy Phoenix Point as it uses a 100% hit chance as well. What they did change though is that bullets are indeed 100% guaranteed to hit something. But the aiming reticle will show you where each bullet will go and if you point it incorrectly your shot will miss your intended target. Also cover now can and will stop bullets as well.

Another upcoming game that will not rely on RNG Bull plop is End State and I'm also excited for it as well.
Cahos Rahne Veloza Feb 24 @ 8:56pm 
@Creeper Delta: Wake up Buddy, it's 2019 now and RNG Bull plop is NO LONGER "THE IN THING". Turn Based Strategy game Developers are now moving forward and are trying out new systems. And XCOM RNG Fanbois like you need to also grow up and embrace change.

The 100% to hit mechanic coupled with the new Awareness\Dodge mechanic works great, you're just stuck in your Firaxis XCOM mindset which is totally holding you back. Although I will admit that the Awareness system SHOULDN'T technically work with Sniper Rifles, I mean in real life you really can't have actual awareness to dodge a Sniper's shot unless you are Superman.