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Lost Wing - Official Group

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The official group for Lost Wing, developed by BoxFrog Games.

BoxFrog Games

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Hi everyone!

First of all allow me to introduce myself to the community. I am David from 2Awesome Studio we have partnered up with Tim and Craig from BoxFrog Games to port and publish Lost Wing on PC and consoles :)

We really like Lost Wing and want it to make it shine and reach as many players as possible. We really want to thank you for being part of Lost Wing since the beginning and we hope you want to follow us in this new adventure!

So, the plan ahead is the following. Craig and Tim are working hard on getting Lost Wing finalized, they are doing some tweaks to make it even prettier and also some improvements on the gameplay and core loop side. All of this will come to Steam very soon. Lost Wing will also be playable at Gamescom at all 10.1 booth E61 in cooperation with PLITCH. Come visit us there!

In parallel we have opened a Discord for the game where we are doing contests, giveaways and in general having fun with other Lost Wing players. There will be also a Closed Beta with some experimental tests (this will later arrive to Steam) but please register for it so we can provide you access.
This can be done in Lost Wing Discord:

Lost Wing Discord Server - SIGN UP FOR BETA ACCESS[]


David, Craig, Tim and Alejandro
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