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Hail Witanfam, Cole here for another progress report, probably the last for a little while. There's no easy way to do this, I've agonized over this for months, rewritten it a thousand times, so I'll just jump in short and sweet.

Development on Witanlore: Dreamtime is currently SUSPENDED

At this point most of the dev team has disbanded and moved on to other things. The game really failed to catch any sort of main stream interest. As time marched on, sales stagnated quickly, and morale got very low. It's hard to pour so much time, money, passion, and effort into something you love for years and feel like it doesn't count for anything. So one by one, our core crew bowed out. Those who remained tried to regroup, some of our diehard fam suggested Patreon to support the remaining devs but we were already struggling hard core; it was just too late to stop the free fall. At this point there are only a few of us left and we don't have the collective skill set to continue alone on a project like this; completely without funding.

We love Witanlore! Dreamtime was always intended to be a prequel tale, a proof of concept, and we still have a lot of our universe and story to share. We don't view this as an end of Witanlore by any stretch. We need to take time to step back, rebuild the studio, bring in some new sources of funding, and if successful, we hope to return to Arthanswold many times in the future to continue sharing our Witanlore.


Words fail to describe how grateful we are for all the love, support, kindness, and loyalty we've received from our Witanfam along this road. We would not have made it this far without all of you behind us. Currently I'm compiling a digital art book for our backers and fans to have as a keepsake of our journey so far. I'm hoping to ship it to you all by the end of summer but I have a few fires going at once right now, so I don't have a firm date on that. Will update here with news when it's ready to ship.

We've reduced the price of the game in its current state so that random new players can continue to explore our world and join our Witanfam. We would like to release some maintenance updates where possible, but again there's no time frame I can offer, unfortunately.

So that's the news, I know it's grim and not what anyone wanted to hear even if most of you probably assumed as much by now. We are slowly rebuilding and taking steps toward what to do next. We'll continue to post news and updates here as well as on Twitter as we have progress to share. We hope you'll continue to stand with us as we move through this heartbreaking setback and into an uncertain future. We love making games and will continue to pursue that dream in whatever way we can.

Until next time, we love you, take care, and happy gaming!
-Cole & the Druid Gameworks Team
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